Florence Lavinia Wright (1900 – 1954)

Ann and Florrie Wright

Florence Lavinia/”Florrie”, sister of my great grandmother, Ann Wright, was born in 1900 to Charles and Elizabeth (nee Francis).

Florrie with Ann and Fred Pointon

Florrie went on to marry a William Wren in St Helens 12th April 1930.

Florrie’s wedding

The family relocated to Scotland at some point, and Florrie died in Glasgow, Scotland in 1954.




Elizabeth Thrush Wright (1889- 1974)


Lizzie and Ann in fancy dress

Elizabeth/”Lizzie”, daughter of Charles and Elizabeth, sister to my great grandmother, Ann Wright, was born on the 13th December 1889 in St Helens.

Florence Lavinia Wright, Elizabeth Thrush Ryan (nee Wright), Elizabeth Wright (nee Francis) seated with unknown child and Joseph Ryan

Lizzie went on to marry a Joseph Ryan in 1912 in St Helens.

She died in St Helens in 1974.


Esther Ellen Wright (1883 – 1956)

Esther Ellen

Esther Ellen/”Nelly”, sister of my great grandmother, Ann Wright, was born on the 12th March 1883 in St Helens, Lancashire to Charles and Elizabeth (nee Francis).

Esther on the left

She married a Henry Partington at Holy Trinity,  Parr Mount on the 20th August 1906.

Esther standing with sister, Ann, and nephews

The couple went on to live in Hall Street, St Helens and took in lodgers.  I believe occasionally some of their lodgers would be performers at the local theatre.

Nelly Wright Hall Street
Nelly and Harry

Esther Ellen died in August 1956, and was buried at St Helens cemetery.


Ann Wright (1896 to 1984)

Ann Wright 2nd in from the right

My great grandmother, Ann Wright, was born to Charles (a grocer) and Elizabeth (nee Francis) on the 27th March 1896 at 33 Park Road, Parr, St Helens.


Ann married Fred Pointon at Sutton parish church on the 26th March 1921.

Ann Wright seated

She died of a heart attack at Ashtons Green House in Parr on the 17th March 1984, and was cremated at St Helens on the 22nd March 1984.

WW1 Ann Pointon nee Wright
Ann Wright (1896 – 1984) 2nd in from the right in the 2nd row, staff at a munitions factory.
Frederick Pointon Ann Wright engagement
Frederick Pointon (1896 – 1971) & Ann Wright (1896 – 1984)
Ann Wright (1896 – 1984)
Ann Wright (1896 – 1984)
Ann Pointon nee Wright
Ann Wright


Charles Wright (1860 – 1919)

Charles WrightCharles Wright, my great great grandfather, was born on the 9th September 1860 at Hardy Street, St Helens to Nicholas (a general labourer) and Sarah (nee Thrush).

Looking at the photo, he seems to have a stern look, and from an account of him swinging one of his daughters round by the hair, he wasn’t a very kind or pleasant man, but a cruel person – He was a business man who was apparently always thinking of the next way to make some money, he came unstuck doing so, becoming a bankrupt.

At various times he was listed as a grocer and corn dealer on documents.  He married Elizabeth Francis on the 7th December 1882 at the West Derby register office.

Children of the couple were Esther Ellen, Thomas, Sarah, John Francis, Elizabeth Thrush, Lilian, Ethel,Ann and Florence Lavinia.

Charles died on the 23rd May 1919 at 22 Brook Street, St Helens of “cancer of soft palate” and was buried at St Helens cemetery on the 28th May 1919.




Elizabeth Francis (1859 – 1927)

Elizabeth Francis, my great great grandmother, was the daughter of Thomas (a labourer) and Esther (nee Cundliffe), born on the 7th July 1859 at Blackbrook Lane, Parr, St Helens;  baptised on the 28th August 1859 at St Peter, Parr.

The photo above was taken when young Elizabeth couldn’t have been anymore than 6 or 7.

Elizabeth went on to marry the son of Nicholas and Sarah Wright (nee Thrush), Charles Wright (1860 – 1919) on the 7th December 1882 at West Derby register office.

Elizabeth Wright nee Frances Lizzie and Florrie Wright
Elizabeth Wright nee Francis seated with Florence Lavinia Wright, Elizabeth Thrush Ryan (nee Wright) and husband Joseph Ryan.’

Children of Charles and Elizabeth were Esther Ellen, Thomas, Sarah, John Francis, Elizabeth Thrush, Lilian, Ethel, Ann and Florence Lavinia.

Elizabeth died on the 7th December 1927 of 83 Hall Street, St Helens of cardiac failure and mitral regurgitation and was buried at St Helens Cemetery on the 10th December 1927.



Transcript of the will of Nicholas Wright 1845

Nicholas Wright, born in about 1765, was one of my five times great grandfathers, via my paternal grandad’s mother, Ann Wright, Wife of Frederick Pointon.  Although there is no substantial evidence that his parents were John Wright and Ann Barton, I believe it to be the case, both through discounting others, naming traditions and due to the fact that I have managed to confirm a DNA link back to John Wright and Ann Barton, via one of Nicholas’s supposed siblings.

Nicholas was a farmer who lived in North Meols, Lancashire, who married twice.  The first time to Anne Boond, the second to Alice Howard.  My ancestor is, I believe, Nicholas and Anne’s only child, John Wright born in about 1790/1.  Anne Boond died shortly after  giving birth to John,  and Nicholas went on to have another 7 children with his second wife, Alice;  Jenny, James, Ann, Peggy, Elizabeth, Alice and Mary.

All 8 children are named in Nicholas’s will, who died on the 11th January 1849, of Little London, and who was buried at St Cuthbert’s, North Meols on the 15th January.  Probate was granted on the 1st February 1849.

This is the last Will and Testament of me Nicholas Wright of Little London within North Meols in the county of Lancaster Farmer made this second day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty five (being of sound and disposing mind memory and understanding)

First I order and direct the payment of my just debts funeral and Testamentary expences from and out of my personal Estate and Effects Then I give and devise my Messuage or cottage situate in Seabank road in South Port within North Mels aforesaid with the appurtenances thereto belonging which I hold by Lease under Peter Hesketh Fleetwood Esquire, unto my Sons and Daughters hereinafter particularly mentioned viz. John, James, Jane, the children of my daughter Ann late wife of James Rimmer Farmer, Margaret wife of Peter Rimmer, and Alice wife of James Ball their respective heirs executors administrators and assigns Share and Share alike as tenants in common and not as joint tenants.

And the issue of such of them as shall be then dead each set of children to take the share which their parent would have taken if then living

I do order and direct that my hereinafternamed executors shall as soon as convenient after my decease make sale of the whole of my Household Furniture Farming Stock Goods Cattle Chattels by Public Auction for the best price and most money that can be got for the same and with the money to arise from such sale my executors shall pay divide and apportion the same unto and amongst my Sons and Daughters hereinaftermentioned into eight equal shares and proportions (that is to say)

– One eighth share thereof unto my Son John his heirs and assigns – One eighth share thereof unto my Son James – One eighth share thereof unto my Daughter Jane – One eighth share thereof unto the children of my Daughter Ann late wife of James Rimmer Farmer aforesaid – One eighth share thereof unto my Daughter Margaret – One eighth share thereof unto my Daughter Alice – One eighth share thereof unto the children of my Daughter Betty late wife of Peter Rimmer of Little London – One eighth share thereof unto the child of my Daughter Mary late wife of Thomas Ball Blacksmith South Port

-It is my will and mind and I order and direct that in case any of my said Daughters shall be dead at the time of the division and apportionment as aforesaid Then the share of such Daughter so dying before that time to be paid and payable unto her children share and share alike

-I do hereby nominate and appoint my said Son James and my said Son in law – Peter Rimmer of Birkdale Executors of this my Will and I do hereby declare that they their Executors and administrators shall be chargeable only for such monies as they shall respectively actually receive by virtue of this my Will that they shall not be answerable for each other’s acts –

And I do declare that the receipts of my said executors shall be good and sufficient discharges and I direct them to retain out of my Effects all costs they may be put unto in the execution of this my Will:-  And revoking all other wills or testamentory dispositions made by me at any time or times heretofore:-  I do declare this present writing contains in one sheet of paper to be my last Will and Testament In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year above written

[Nicholas Wright signature] [seal]

Robert Ball

John Ball

James Coxhead



More newspaper notes

Some more snippets from newspapers that i’m sharing here.

A marriage announcement from the Saturday 16th August 1862 edition of the Westmorland Gazette:

At the Parish Church, Ulverston, on the 5th inst., John only son of Mr John Holme, farmer, Mansriggs, to Margaret, daughter of Mr John Park, farmer, Broughton Beck.

And another marriage announcement, from the Saturday 13th November 1824 edition of the Lancaster Gazette:

Since our last, Mr Reuben Pimm, to Miss Ann Bradshaw, both of this town.

From the Saturday 24th June 1899 edition of the Liverpool Mercury:

Banruptcy Acts

Receiving Orders

Charles Wright, Park Road, and Higher Parr Street, St. Helens, provision dealer.

Adjudications in Bankruptcy

Charles Wright, Park Road and Higher Parr Street, St. Helens, baker and provision dealer

From the Thursday 3rd November 1904 edition of the Cornishman:

The internment of the late Mrs. Maddern, who died at Boswedden Road on Sunday, October 23, took place at the Church Cemetery on Thursday.  The coffin was of polished pitchpine, with brass furnture, and bore the inscription:  “Amelia Maddern, Died October 23 1904, aged 69 years.”  A pretty cross was placed on the coffin in token of sympathy.  The bearers were:  Messrs. J. Angwin, W. Oats, S. Rowe, J. Rowe, R. Hocking, T. Rowe, J. Lugg, W. Davey, W. Sampson, J. Rowe, J. Ellis and R. Vibert.  Among those who preceeded the coffin were:  Capts. J White and T. S. Tregear, Messrs. J. Thomas (Victoria Road), J. Thomas (Prince’s Street), J. Williams, and J. E. Hallo.  There was a large number of mourners, including Mr. M. Maddern, Mrs Clemo, Mr. T. Maddern and Miss Maddern (sons and daughters), Mr Clemo, Mr Dennis, and others.  The service was pathetically conducted both in the church and at the graveside by the Rev. T. Taylor, vicar.  The undertaker was Mr. J. Rowe of Fore Street.

From the Wednesday 29th October 1879 edition of the Liverpool Mercury:

HENDERSON – Oct. 16, at 35, Aughton Street, Everton, aged 36, Fanny, wife of William Henderson, and youngest daughter of Strethill Foden.

From the Monday 31st July 1899 edition of the Liverpool Mercury:


Harriet Sutton, a well dressed woman, surrendered to her bail and pleaded guilty to having contracted a bigamous marriage with Frederick William Thrush, at Rainford. – Mr. T. Swft appeared for the Crown, and Mr. Rigby Swift addressed the court on behalf of the prisoner.  He said she was first married in 1891, and about four months afterwards her husband began to treat her with persistent cruelty, which lasted all the time they lived together.  For four years after she left him she heard nothing of him, and this she told the second husband. – His Lordship thought there were exceptional circumstances in the case, and that he should be justified in ordering the prisoner to be bound over to appear if called upon.

And finally, for this post, a death notice, from the Saturday 7th June 1930 edition of the Burnley Express:

CHAPMAN – On the 30th ult., Reuben Pym Chapman, beloved husband of Jane Chapman, aged 71 years.  At rest.

-From his sorrowing Wife and Family, 20, Ferndale Street