The Harrison family

My great grandmother, Elizabeth Harrison, who i’ve mentioned before, here, was apparently the daughter of Frederick Harrison and Theresa Traverse.

Frederick, born in St Helens, Lancashire, in 1877 was one of 10 children born to William Jackson Harrison (born in Hull, Yorkshire in 1848 to another William Harrison, a shoemaker, and his wife Ann Jackson) and Alice Smith (born in 1854, the daughter of John Smith and his wife, Alice Owen in St Helens)

The Harrisons were, like many other families a large family.  Other children of William Jackson Harrison and Alice Smith were William John Harrison born 1872, Alice Ann Harrison born 1874 (She went on to marry the brother of Theresa Traverse, Thomas Henry), there was a Frederick born in 1874 who died as a baby, Sarah Ellen Harrison born 1880 married a Henry Bickerstaffe, Louisa Harrison born 1882 married a John William Hawksworth, Ellen Harrison baptised in 1884, Florrie Harrison born in about 1886 married a William Henry Kay, a Robert Harrison was born in about 1890, and finally, a Harriett Harrison was born in about 1892.

The family lived in the Peasley Cross area of St Helens, and many of the men in the family were miners, just as lots of those in the area were.

It would be good if others descended from William Jackson Harrison and Alice Smith did a DNA test for family history reasons.  It does not seem at the time of writing this, that other descendants from Frederick Harrison’s siblings have done so yet.  Hopefully at least one or two may do so in the future.

Are you also descended from William and Alice and would like to get in touch?  Please use the contact form here.


Transcript of the will of John Middlehurst 1802

Windleshaw Chantry, Lancashire, England
Windleshaw Chantry, Lancashire, England

John Middlehurst (Abt. 1740 – 1803) is one of my 6 times great grandfathers, via his daughter, Elizabeth Middlehurst (Abt. 1770 – 1832)

Elizabeth was one of 8 children of John, the others being Thomas, William, Alice, Mary, Ann, John and Martha.  The family were Catholic.

John was a farmer who lived in the Windle area of what is now known as St. Helens, Lancashire, England.

He died on the 18th August 1803, and was buried at Windleshaw Chantry.

Unusually for wills of this time that i’ve seen so far, there are paragraphs, commas and full stops.

I John Middlehurst Senior of Windle in the County of Lancaster, Farmer, being of perfect Mind, and Memory, make this my last Will, and Testament.

I order, and direct, that all just Debts due from me, together with my Funeral Expenses, and the Probate of this, my last Will and Testament, shall be first discharged and paid out of whatever Estate and Effects I may happen to die possessed of.

The Rest, Residue, and Remainder of whatever Estate and Effects I may happen to die possessed of, I give and bequeath to my Wife Mary Middlehurst, to enjoy the same during the Term of her natural Life, provided she keep herself unmarried, but not otherwise.

And, at the Death of my said Wife, or if she marry again, then at the Time of such Marriage, I give and bequeath the Rest, Residue and Remainder of whatever Estate and Effects I may happen to die possessed of, to my Son Thomas Middlehurst, of Windle aforesaid, Delf Man, my Grandaughter Mary Middlehurst, of Windle aforesaid (who is the Daughter of my Son William Middlehurst of Manchester, in the said County, Blacksmith), my Daughter Mary Boardman, Wife of Thomas Boardman, of Windle aforesaid, Farmer, my DaughterElizabeth Molsdale, of Parr in the said County, Widow, my Daughter Anne Birchall, Wife of William Birchall, of Sutton in the said County, Farmer, my Son John Middlehurst, of Windle aforesaid, Delf Man, my Daughter Alice Middlehurst, of Windle aforesaid, and my Daughter Martha Middlehurst, of Windle aforesaid to be divided amongst them the said Thomas Middlehurst, Mary Middlehurst, Mary Boardman, Elizabeth Molsdale, Anne Birchall, John Middlehurst, Alice Middlehurst, and Martha Middlehurst, equally, Share and Share alike, but with this Distinction, whereas my said Son Thomas Middlehurst, my said Son William Middlehurst (Father of the within mentioned Mary Middlehurst) my said Daughter Elizabeth Molsdale, and my said Daughter Anne Birchall have severally had certain Sums of Money from me, I order and direct that the said Sums of Money shall be deemed as a Part of my Estate, and Effects, and whatevermy said Son Thomas Middlehurst, my said Daughter Elizabeth Molsdale, and my said Daughter Anne Birchall have had from me shall be stopped out of whatever their Shares may amount to, by such Division as aforesaid, and whatever my said Son William Middlehurst has had from me shall be stopped out of whatever the Share arising to my said Grandaughter Mary Middlehurst may amount to by such Division, as aforesaid.

If at my Decease, my said Son John Middlehurst wish to have my Watch, I order that he have it, provided he leave his own Watch in the Place thereof.

And I do hereby nominate, constitute, and appoint Hugh Ainscough, of Ormskirk, in the said County, Liquor Merchant, William Young, of Windle aforesaid, Farmer, and my said Wife Mary Middlehurst, to be the Executors, and Executrix of this my last Will, and Testament, into whose Hands I commit whatever Estate, and Effects I may happen to die possessed of, for the within mentioned Purposes, and no other, in any wise;  and I do hereby utterly revoke, disallow, and disannul all former Bequests, Wills, and Legacies by me heretofore in any wise left, or made, declaring, ratifying, and confirming this, and no other, to be my last Will, and Testament.  In Witness whereof, I have hereunto set my Hand, and Seal, this twenty first Day of June, in the Year of our Lord one Thousand, eight Hundred, and two.

[John Middlehurst signature] [Seal]

Signed by

[Joseph Rylands]

[Joseph Cook]

[William Glover]


More newspaper notes

Some more snippets from newspapers that i’m sharing here.

A marriage announcement from the Saturday 16th August 1862 edition of the Westmorland Gazette:

At the Parish Church, Ulverston, on the 5th inst., John only son of Mr John Holme, farmer, Mansriggs, to Margaret, daughter of Mr John Park, farmer, Broughton Beck.

And another marriage announcement, from the Saturday 13th November 1824 edition of the Lancaster Gazette:

Since our last, Mr Reuben Pimm, to Miss Ann Bradshaw, both of this town.

From the Saturday 24th June 1899 edition of the Liverpool Mercury:

Banruptcy Acts

Receiving Orders

Charles Wright, Park Road, and Higher Parr Street, St. Helens, provision dealer.

Adjudications in Bankruptcy

Charles Wright, Park Road and Higher Parr Street, St. Helens, baker and provision dealer

From the Thursday 3rd November 1904 edition of the Cornishman:

The internment of the late Mrs. Maddern, who died at Boswedden Road on Sunday, October 23, took place at the Church Cemetery on Thursday.  The coffin was of polished pitchpine, with brass furnture, and bore the inscription:  “Amelia Maddern, Died October 23 1904, aged 69 years.”  A pretty cross was placed on the coffin in token of sympathy.  The bearers were:  Messrs. J. Angwin, W. Oats, S. Rowe, J. Rowe, R. Hocking, T. Rowe, J. Lugg, W. Davey, W. Sampson, J. Rowe, J. Ellis and R. Vibert.  Among those who preceeded the coffin were:  Capts. J White and T. S. Tregear, Messrs. J. Thomas (Victoria Road), J. Thomas (Prince’s Street), J. Williams, and J. E. Hallo.  There was a large number of mourners, including Mr. M. Maddern, Mrs Clemo, Mr. T. Maddern and Miss Maddern (sons and daughters), Mr Clemo, Mr Dennis, and others.  The service was pathetically conducted both in the church and at the graveside by the Rev. T. Taylor, vicar.  The undertaker was Mr. J. Rowe of Fore Street.

From the Wednesday 29th October 1879 edition of the Liverpool Mercury:

HENDERSON – Oct. 16, at 35, Aughton Street, Everton, aged 36, Fanny, wife of William Henderson, and youngest daughter of Strethill Foden.

From the Monday 31st July 1899 edition of the Liverpool Mercury:


Harriet Sutton, a well dressed woman, surrendered to her bail and pleaded guilty to having contracted a bigamous marriage with Frederick William Thrush, at Rainford. – Mr. T. Swft appeared for the Crown, and Mr. Rigby Swift addressed the court on behalf of the prisoner.  He said she was first married in 1891, and about four months afterwards her husband began to treat her with persistent cruelty, which lasted all the time they lived together.  For four years after she left him she heard nothing of him, and this she told the second husband. – His Lordship thought there were exceptional circumstances in the case, and that he should be justified in ordering the prisoner to be bound over to appear if called upon.

And finally, for this post, a death notice, from the Saturday 7th June 1930 edition of the Burnley Express:

CHAPMAN – On the 30th ult., Reuben Pym Chapman, beloved husband of Jane Chapman, aged 71 years.  At rest.

-From his sorrowing Wife and Family, 20, Ferndale Street

Some more research notes

Various notes on bits of paper i’ve gathered over the years.  As always in these posts, not all of these people are related to me, but I noted these things down at the time as they could have been.

From the Staffordshire BMD indexes:

Hannah Pointon death registered 1871 Newcastle under Lyme, Audey sub district, ref. AUD/011/41

Hannah Pointon death registered 1877 Newcastle under Lyme, Audley sub district, ref. AUD/014/4

George Pointon death registered 1888 Newcastle under Lyme, Audley sub district, ref. AUD/018/99

Thomas Stockton married Mary H Grocott – St. Margaret, Wolstanton – 1873 – ref. C30/12/450

Alfred Stockton married Kate Lightfoot – St. Mary, Knutton – 1884 – ref. C15/1/101

Samuel Stockton married Jane Hughes – St. Mary, Knutton – 1887 – ref. C15/1/175

Alexander Stockton married Ellen Dickin – St. Luke, Silverdale – 1892 – ref. C26/1/458

William J Stockton married Elizabeth Key – St. Mary, Knutton – 1893 – ref. C15/1/383

Thomas Stockton married Rosalina Stubbs – St. Mary, Knutton – 1895 – ref. C15/1/408

From St. Mary, Lancaster, Lancashire parish registers:

Baptisms to John and Peggy Woodhouse –

Nancy on the 30th June 1791

Agnes on the 15th January 1789

Jane on the 3rd January 1799

Mary on the 3rd January 1796

Betty on the 11th April 1793

John on the 15th August 1802

Margaret on the 3rd April 1800

Thomas Dickinson on the 26th August 1805

From the GRO Index:

Alice Pedder death registered Lancaster March quarter 1843, ref. 21 362

Peter Pedder death registered Preston September quarter 1845, ref. 21 354

Mary Ann Bradshaw death registered Lancaster March quarter 1850, ref. 21 382

James Docker death registered Ulverston March quarter 1857, ref. 8e 428

Isabella Willison death registered Ulverston March quarter 1895 aged 69, ref. 8e 641

James Holme death registered Kendal March quarter 1840, ref. 25 331

James Holme death registered Ulverston March quarter 1868, aged 67, ref. 8e 472

From the 1841 England Census

36 Bridge Lane, Lancaster –

William Bradshaw – 37 – Blockmaker – born Lancashire

Mary Ann Bradshaw – 37 – born Lancashire

Edward Bradshaw – 11 – born Lancashire

Margaret Bradshaw – 5 – born Lancashire

Betsy Bradshaw – 9 months – born Lancashire

12 St. George’s Quay, Lancaster –

Christopher Bradshaw – 65 – Burtons mariner – born Lancashire

May C. Bradshaw – 60 – born Lancashire

Agnes Bradshaw – 20 – born Lancashire

Under Gardens, Damside Street, Lancaster –

Edward Bradshaw – 32 – currier & leather dealer – born Lancashire

Margaret Bradshaw – 32 – not born Lancashire

William Bradshaw – 9 – not born Lancashire

John Bradshaw – 7 – not born Lancashire

Elizabeth Bradshaw – 6 – born Lancashire

Hannah Bradshaw – 2 – born Lancashire

Margaret Bradshaw junior – 8 months – born Lancashire

From the 1851 England Census:

Parr Stocks, Parr –

Peter Cundliffe – Head – coal miner – 56 – born Parr

Mary Cundliffe – Wife – 55 – born Parr

Joseph Cundliffe – Son – coal miner – 16 – born Parr

Saml. Cundliffe – Son – coal miner – 13 – born Parr

John Cundliffe – Son – wid. – coal miner – 35 – born Parr

Miles Cundliffe – Son – wid. – coal miner – 32 – brn Parr

Mary Cundliffe – G. Dau. – scholar – 8 – born Parr

John Cundliffe – G. Son – scholar – 10 – born Parr

Ralph Cundliffe – G. Son – scholar – 8 – born Parr

Mary Cundliffe – G. Dau. – scholar – 6 – born Parr

And from the 1861 England Census:

Park Road Beerhouse, Parr  –

Thomas Francis – Head – marr. – 40 – Beerseller – born Parr

Esther Francis – Wife – marr. – 40 – born Parr

Wm. Francis – Son — 18 – born Parr

John Francis – Son – 15 – born Parr

Ellen Francis – Dau – 8 – born Parr

Elizth. Francis – Dau. – 2 – born Parr

Samuel Francis – Son – 4 mths. – born Parr



The mysterious Elizabeth Harrison

Nan with father (2)My great grandmother, Elizabeth Harrison was apparently born on the 25th October 1903, to Frederick Harrison and Theresa Travis in St. Helens.  However, things don’t seem as they initially appear.

Although the family have always believed it to be the case that my great grandmother was the daughter of Frederick and Theresa, no birth certificate has been located.  By this sort of time, civil registration had been established for quite some time, and other children of Frederick and Theresa were registered.

There was only one Elizabeth Harrison listed whose birth was registered in the December quarter of 1903 in the General Register Office index, and who appears on the Lancashire BMD index as being born in St. Helens.

This Elizabeth was the daughter of Peter Harrison and Margaret Ann Lewis, born at 46 Victoria Street, St. Helens on the 15th September 1903.  The birth was registered by Margaret on the 2nd October 1903.

There was another Elizabeth Harrison born in what was known as Newton in Makerfield (now Newton le Willows), at 25 Birch Street, Newton on the 12th September 1903 to John Henry Harrison and Margaret Jones.  The birth was registered on the 12th October 1903.

I considered another option, the possibility that one of Theresa Travis’s sisters may have been nan’s mum, I did a search on the Lancashire BMD site for an Elizabeth Travis/Traverse born in St. Helens, there was only one registered in 1903, however, that was a cousin of my great grandmother, daughter of Thomas Henry Travis and Alice Ann Harrison who was born on the 2nd December 1902, and whose birth was registered by Alice Ann on the 13th January 1903.

My great grandmother appears on the 1911 census, intriguingly listed as aged 5, daughter of Frederick and Theresa at 12 Sandon Street, St. Helens.

Elizabeth Harrison, daughter of Peter and Margaret Ann appears on the 1911 census at 12 Peel Street, St. Helens.  So this Elizabeth wasn’t adopted by Frederick and Theresa as their own.

There is an Elizabeth Harrison listed on the 1911 census aged 7 as a very likely candidate for the daughter of John Henry Harrison and Margaret Jones.  Her father is listed as “Henry”, and widowed, the family are living at 44 Haydock Lane in 1911, so,once again, this doesn’t appear to be nan.

Elizabeth Travis/Traverse, daughter of Thomas Henry and Alice Ann was also lised on the 1911 census, at 99 Eldon Street, St. Helens.

My great grandparents, Elizabeth Harrison and William Bibby married on the 19th April 1924 at St. Peter’s in Parr.  Nan, aged 20 gave her dad’s name as “Frederick Harrison”.

I have had a couple of DNA matches with people from Theresa Travis’s side of the family, but as yet, no matches with anyone known through my research into the Harrison family.

UPDATE 4th July 2016 – All Elizabeths born in the St. Helens area in the December quarter of 1903 have now been accounted for.  There are no possible births registered for an Elizabeth, whose death wasn’t registered before the 1911 census , or who wasn’t otherwise accounted for on the 1911 Census born on the correct date.

UPDATE 22nd October 2016 – Received the birth certificate of an Elizabeth Harrison born on the 17th October 1905, this Elizabeth was born at 8 Blackhorse Street, St Helens to Joseph and Mary Ann Harrison (nee Wallace), and I think this Elizabeth died in 1909, buried at St. Helens cemetery in a public grave.



Transcript of the affiliation order of Henry Burrows

Henry Burrows is one of my 5 times great grandfathers through his daughter, Eliza, who married Charles Thrush in Eccles, Lancashire in 1832.

He was born on the 21st November 1787 in Parr, baptised at St. Helens church, Prescot on the 9th December 1787 to Mary Burrows.

Due to Henry’s dad, Samuel Hill being linked to my paternal nan’s family line, and Charles and Eliza Thrush being linked to my paternal grandad’s family line, Henry is related to both my dad’s mum and dad, being my grandad’s 3rd great grandfather, and a half 3rd great grand uncle of my nan.  (Nan and grandad are 3rd cousins once removed to each other)

The Order made by Thomas Lyon Esquire and Edward Owen Clerk two of his Majesty’s Justices of the Peace and Quorum in and for the said County under their hands and Seals bearing date the Thirtieth day of January last Wherein and Whereby Samuel Hill of Winwick with Hulme in the said County Labourer is Declared and Adjudged to be the Reputed Father of Henry a Male Bastard Child born upon the Body of Mary Burrows of Parr in the said County Singlewoman and he thereby ordered forthwith to pay or cause to be paid unto the Overseers of the Poor of the Township of Parr aforesaid the sum of One Pound and nineteen shillings which they have Expended and been put unto by Reason and on Account of the said Mary Burrow’s lying in and in Maintaining the said Bastard Child to the time of Making the same Order

And Also to Pay or Cause to be Paid unto the Overseers of the Poor of the Township of Parr aforesaid for the time being or some of them the Sum of One Shilling and Sixpence in money weekly and every Week from that time for and during so long time as the said Bastard Child shall be Chargeable to the same Township for and towards the Relief and Keeping of the same Bastard Child is by this Court Ratified and Confirmed no appeal being made and due Service of the said Order Proved upon the Oath of James Naylor.

Samuel Hill went on to marry Isabella Simpson on the 7th June 1790 at St. Helens, Lancashire, their son, Isaac Hill being the 3 times great grandfather of my nan, and Mary Burrows went on to marry John Bickerstaff on the 8th October 1792 at St. Mary the Virgin, Prescot.

Some more research notes

Yes, I have lots of notes, so, here are some more that are floating around on bits of paper.  As with all in this series of research notes, not all of these individuals are related, I jotted  things down at the time just in case they might be related.


From the Lancashire records office:

Reference QSP/2942/50 Date – 7th October 1830

Petitions – Kirkdale – Epiphany 1831

File Sutton – Order of filiation and maintenance of James, bastard child of John Allcock of Eccleston, labourer and Ellen Sherratt, singlewoman.

Reference DDX2743/MS5106

Lancaster: Order from 2 J.P.s of Lancaster to the Churchwarden and Overseers of the the Poor of Lancaster, to Convey Reuben Pym and Margaret, his wife to Banwell, Co. Somerset, their place of legal settlement. Copy 1 of 2

Dated 1st October 1817


1841 Census returns:

At Hindley Row, Burtonwood, Lancashire, England

Geo. Pownall – 65 – Weaver – born Lancashire

Betty Hill – 40 – widow – born Lancashire

Joseph Hill – 9 – born Lancashire

At Collins Green, Burtonwood

Wm. Hill – 25 – Joiner – Born Lancashire

Mgt. Hill – 25 – Born Lancashire

John Hill – 3 – Born Lancashire

Also at Collins Green

Wm. Hill – 75 – pauper – Born Lancashire

Ellen Whittle – 35 – Born Lancashire

Henry Hill – 12 – B’smith app – Born Lancashire

Mary Hill – 7 – Born Lancashire

Alice Whittle – 5 – Born Lancashire

Ann Whittle – 3 – Born Lancashire

Emma Whittle – 1 – Born Lancashire

At High Street, Newton, Lancashire, England

Moses Hill – 45 – Clogger – Born Lancashire

Ann Hill – 45 – Born Lancashire

Ann Hill – 15 – Born Lancashire

At Dallam Lane, Burtonwood, Lancashire

Thomas Parr – 50 – Ag lab. – Born Lancashire

Martha Parr – 50 – Born Lancashire

Vulcan Foundry, Newton, Lancashire

James Hill – 35 – labr. – Born Lancashire

Elizth. Hill – 30 – Born Lancashire

Mgt. Hill – 11 – Born Lancashire

Thomas Hill – 9 – Born Lancashire

John Hill – 7 – Born Lancashire

James Hill – 4 – Born Lancashire

Samuel Hill – 1 – Born Lancashire

Also at Vulcan Foundry

Isaac Hill – 25 – labr. – Born Lancashire

Charlot Hill – 25 – Born Lancashire

Samuel Hill – 7 – Born Lancashire

Mgt. Hill – 4 – Born Lancashire

John Hill – 3 months – Born Lancashire


From the probate index:

Thomas Chapman the elder died on the 3rd September 1865 at Ampthill.  Will proved at the Principal Registry by oath of Thomas Chapman of Ampthill the son & sole executor.  Effects under £3000


From the index of deaths:

March quarter 1959 – George W Pim – 59 – Burnley – ref. 10b 933

September quarter 1955 – Henry E Pimm – 9 – Blackburn – ref. 10b 320

December quarter 1953 – Elizabeth A Pim – 60 – Nelson – ref. 10e 516

December quarter 1952 – Herbert H Pym – 78 – Preston – 10f 292

March quarter 1952 – Amelia Pym – 80 – Fylde – 10c 302

December quarter 1949 – Alfred Pym – 86 – Lancaster – 10c 546

September quarter 1947 – Isabella Pym – 78 – Lancaster – 10c 422

March quarter 1947 – Jane A Pimm – 74 – Lancaster – 10c 780

December quarter 1946 – William Pym – 81 – Clitheroe – 10c 54


From St. Helens, Lancashire electoral registers, registered at each address on the 15th April 1923:  (Spellings as per the electoral register)

31 Tickle Street – Francis, Ellen and William Bibby

2 Francis Street  – Thomas Poynton and Abigail Poynton

19 Robins Lane  – George Charles Pointon and Elizabeth Pointon

37 Sandon Street – Mary Caroline Carney, George Carney, Frederick Harrison Snr. and Frederick Harrison Jnr.


From the 1891 Census:

At 172 Parr Stocks Road, Parr

William Bibby – 46 – Head – Coal miner – Born St. Helens, Lancashire

Elizabeth Bibby – 53 – Wife – Born St. Helens, Lancashire

Annie Sharrocks – 8 – niece – Born Chowbent, Lancashire

At 57 Appleton Street, Sutton (All born St. Helens, Lancashire)

Will Harrison – 42 – Head – Collier

Alice Harrison – 38 – Wife

John Harrison – 18 – Son – Coal miner

Alice A Harrison – 15 – Daughter – [I started to write something then scribbled it out]

Fred K Harrison – 13 – Son – Drawer pusher – glass

Sarah Harrison – 10 – Daughter

Louisa Harrison – 8 – Daughter

Ellen Harrison – 6 – Daughter

Florence Harrison – 4 – Daughter

Robert Harrison – 1 – Son


And finally, some notes from the probate index:

Abraham Poynton died 11th August 1924 of 7 Laburnum Cottages, Crawshawbooth, Lancs.  Admin 20th September 1924 to Norman Poynton cotton piecer.  Effects £347 15s 8d

Thomas Pointon of 2 Francis Street, St. Helens died 8th Jan 1927.  Admin Liverpool on the 24th March 1927 to Abigail Pointon widow.  Effects £50

Jane Poynton of Netherfield Road North Liverpool (Wife of Wm. Henry) died 8th April 1904 Admin Liverpool to Wm. Henry, a carter.  Effects £84 13s 4d

Mary Pointon of Miles Grn. Audley, Staffs. (Widow) died 5th September 1904.  Probate Lichfield 16th February 1905 to Thomas Pointon miner.  Effects £138 16s

Ellen Bibby of 229 Nutgrove Road, St. Helens, Lancs. widow died on the 24th July 1933.  Probate London on the 8th August 1933 to Albert Winstanley, blacksmith and Ronald Maxwell, solicitor.  Effects £343 5s 11d








David Bibby – From Lancashire, England to Ohio, USA

David BibbyDavid Bibby was born to Jesse Bibby and Hannah Yarwood in St. Helens, Lancashire, England on the 15th September 1887.  He is my 2nd cousin 3 times removed.

David’s grandfather, Jessie Bibby, born on the 7th April 1836 in Rainford to Jonathan Bibby and Ruth Glover was the half brother of my 3rd great grandfather, William Owen Bibby, son of William Owen and Ruth Glover (then widowed from Jonathan) born in 1845.

When I was carrying out a search of extended Bibby family members via the Ancestry website, I stumbled across an interesting record set – U.S. Passport Applications, 1795 – 1925. 

Within the results was an image of a passport application for David Bibby, which included photos of David, his wife, and a son called Jesse.

David Bibby died in Akron, Ohio, USA in 1946

I think others who carry out family history research would agree that it’s nice to find photographs of people who you’re related to.  And this record set is certainly a useful one to browse if you have any relatives, no matter how distant, who lived in the USA.

Transcript of the will of Betty Mousedale

Windleshaw Chantry
Windleshaw Chantry

Betty (or Elizabeth as she was born) is one of my 5 times great grandparents, the daughter of John Middlehurst and Mary Ollershaw, born in about 1770.  She was married to John Mousedale/Mosdel/Mousdell in 1789 at Prescot parish church, Lancashire, the family were Catholic.  Their son, James, baptised on the 24th June 1792 at St. Mary, Blackbrook is my line.

Betty died in the March of 1832, buried at Windleshaw Chantry in St. Helens, and the will was proved on the 2nd April 1832.

This is the last will and testament of I Betty Mousedale of Saint Helens in the county of Lancaster Widow, which I do make and publish as follows that is to say.    I order and direct all my just debts funeral expenses and probate charges to be in the first place paid by my executors hereinafter named out of my property – and subject thereto I do give and bequeath unto my daughter Elizabeth one feather bed, one bolster, two pillows, four blankets, two quilts and all my linen (except three pairs of sheets)

I also give and bequeath unto my said daughter Elizabeth all my wearing apparel and one silver table spoon, six silver tea spoons and one pair of silver sugar tongs.  I also give and bequeath unto each of my three sons John James and Thomas one silver table spoonand one pair of sheets.  Also I give unto each of my my said sons and their respective wives and unto my said daughter and any husband she may have at my decease one suit of mourning for my funeral and all the rest residue and remainder of my personal estate and effects whatsoever and of what nature or kind soever the same may be or consist of at the time of my decease.

I hereby give and bequeath the same unto my said four children in equal shares and proportions for their own absolute use and benefit nevertheless I direct that a valuation shall in the firsty place be made by my executrors of all the residue of my household goods and furniture not herein before specificallydisposed of and after such valuation shall have been so made that my said daughter Elizabeth shall and may have and take to her own use such part or parts thereof as she shall think fitat the price and prices mentioned in such valuation in which case I direct that the amount of the goods which shall be so taken by my said daughter at a valuation shall form part of the residue of my estate and effects and be applied accordingly providedalways and I do hereby order and declare that all the money which any of my said sons and daughter have already respectively had and received from me by way of advancement (the particulars of which will appear in writing in some book or writing in my dwellinghouse at my decease) shall be brought by them my said children  so having received the same as aforesaid into hotchpot before he she or they shall be entitled to  have or receive from my said trustees any part or share of my estate and effects or otherwiseand that the sum or same of money which he she or they shall have had and received shall be deemed and considered as part of the original share or shares of him her or them who have so received the same it being my intention that the shares of all my said children of and in all and singular my personal estate and effects shall be as equal to and near the value of each other as circumstances will admit of.

And I do hereby declare that my said executors or either of them their or either of their heirs executors or administrators shall nor be charged or chargeable with or answerable or accountable for anymore or other monies or effects that what shall actually come to their respective hands by virture hereofnoe shall they or either of them be charged or chargeable with or answerable or accountable for the receipts acts deeds payments neglects or defaults of the others of them nor with or for any loss or losses that shall or may happen of the said trust effects or any part thereof except the same shall happen through their wilful neglect or default and also that it shall and may be lawful to and for my said executors respectively and their respective heirs executors or administrators to deduct and retain out of the monies which shall come to their respective hands by virture of this my last will all such costs expenses and charges as they shall respectively pay bear expend or be put into in or about the execution of this my will or of the trusts herein contained or in anywise relating to or concerning the same and lastly hereby revoking all former wills by me heretofore made.

I publish and declare this to be my only true and last will and testament and thereof do nominate constitute and appoint Robert Dugdale of Windle in the said county gentleman and William Henry Lynass of Saint Helens aforesaid surgeon to be executors.  In witness whereof I the said testatrix have hereunto set my hand and seal the eighteenth day of March one thousand eight hundred and twenty four.

Betty Mousedale X her Mark and Seal

Some research notes

Because I find it difficult to get rid of old letters and notebooks, I tend to have a lot of them in the house.  As there is this blog now, I thought that i’d share some of my notes on here, not all of them are related to me, some I jotted down as I thought they might be at the time I wrote them.

Police records are fascinating to look at.  A 3rd great uncle, called Edward Chapman, born in Lancaster, Lancashire, England in 1864 was in the police force.  When I visited the Lancashire records office one time some years ago, I thought i’d take a look to see what the records are like.

Constable Edward Chapman was appointed on the 22nd August 1894 of 10 Kenmure Place, Preston.

He was aged 24, and he was 5 feet 10 inches tall.

On the 18th November 1919 his pension was secured, and he retired on a pension of £164 13 shillings 4d per year on the 21st September 1920.

From the 1767 recusants roll:

Rainford (Lancashire, England) –

Elizabeth Birchall – Widow – 40 – 9 years resident

James Birchall – her son – 10 – ditto

Also at Rainford –

William Birchall – pipemaker – 28 – 28 years resident

Margaret Birchall – his wife – 24 – 5 years resident

James Birchall – their son – 2 – 2 years resident

Ince –

Peter Middlehurst – 50 – husbandman – resident 20 years

Betty Middlehurst – 40 – resident 20 years

John Middlehurst – son – 16 – resident 16 years

Martha Middlehusrt – 12 – resident 12 years

James Middlehurst – 9 – resident 9 years

Betty Middlehurst – 7 – resident 7 years

Also at Ince –

Joseph Middlehurst Senr. – 55 – farmer – resident 20 years

John Middlehurst – son – 14 – resident 14 years

Jinney Middlehurst – daughter – 17 – resident 17 years

Kitty Middlehurst – 12 – resident 12 years

Betty Middlehurst – 5 – resident 5 years

James Middlehurst – 3 – resident 3 years

Martha Middlehurst – 1 – resident 1 year

Now, some Rainford, Billinge, Burtonwood and St. Helens entries from parish registers:

Thomas Worrall, husbandman, widr. and Sarah Mossdale, spinster married at Rainford on the 3rd November 1793.

Marriage witnesses were John Mousdell and Peter Birchall

From Billinge –

17th August 1800 Elizabeth Ramsey baptised to William and Elizabeth of Windle

10th July 1796 John Ramsey baptised to William and Betty of Windle

11th March 1798 Ellen Ramsey baptised to William and Betty of Windle

24th August 1803 William Ramsey baptised to William and Betty of Windle

26th January 1806 Thomas Ramsey baptised to William and Betty of Windle

11th September 1808 James Ramsey baptised to William and Betty of Windle

22nd September 1811 Samuel Ramsey baptised to William and Mary of Windle

From Burtonwood –

14th January 1732 Margaret Mousdel baptised to Samuel (a joiner) and Elizabeth

9th June 1821 Hannah Cunliffe of Parr buried aged 11 months

26th March 1837 Ann Titther daughter of Joseph (a miner) and Betty of Parr baptised.  Born 1st March

From St. Helens –

Elizabeth Ramsey wife of William of Windle, nailer, buried on the 12th February 1810

I think that’s it for now