The Glover/Bibby/Owen family

My 4 times great grandmother, Ruth Glover was baptised at Upholland, Lancashire, of Dalton, Wigan on the 6th May 1804, she was the daughter of Hugh Glover and Mary Gregson.

Ruth had a number of children with partners she was not married to.

The first was Mary Ann Glover, she was baptised at Upholland on the 12th September 1824 to a single Ruth, of Rainford, Lancashire.  Mary Ann went on to marry a George Webster at St Helens in 1841.

Then, in about 1830, a son called Hugh Glover was born to Ruth.  He went on to marry a Mary Pye at St Wilfred, Farnworth, near Widnes in 1852.

On the 30th January 1832, Ruth went on to marry a Jonathan Bibby at All Saints, Wigan, Lancashire.

2 children were born to Jonathan and Ruth;  Michael (1832 – 1910) and Jessie (1836 – 1890), both born in Rainford.

However, Jonathan Bibby appears to have died before 1841, as he does not appear on that census in Rainford alongside Ruth and children up to that point.  Ruth is listed as an agricultural labourer in 1841.

Moving ahead to the 1851 census, which gives more detail than the 1841 census, Ruth shows up as a widowed housekeeper, with an extra 2 children, Ann Bibby, who went on to marry a John Bridge (About 1843 – 1915), and William Bibby, my great great great grandfather.

William Owen Bibby was born on the 11th March 1845 at Scotch Row, Eccleston in Prescot, Lancashire (now part of St Helens).  The Owen part is quite important here as it gives a clue as to who the father was.

Also on the 1851 census with this family is a William Owen, an agricultural labourer, lodger, unmarried aged 41, born in Kirby, Lancashire.

At his first marriage at Rainford on the 6th June 1869, to Ellen Cullen (nee Mousdel), William Owen Bibby gives his father’s name as William Bibby.  However, on the 16th February 1889, William remarries as a widower, to an Elizabeth Hart at St Peter’s, Parr.  Here the truth is revealed, his father’s name is William Owen.

William and Ellen (nee Mousdel) had 3 children (Ellen having had 8 children with her first husband, Edward Cullen);  James Bibby (1870 – 1940) married a Margaret Hewitt, and had 2 daughters, Ethel and Lydia;  William Bibby (1872 – 1895) sadly died aged only 23 and my great great grandfather, Francis Bibby (1874 – 1952)

Francis’s son, William Bibby (1901 – 1987) was my great grandfather, his daughter, Eva, my nan.

Going back to William Owen, the lodger in the 1851 census, I managed to find him in the 1861 census, he was living with his mum, Elizabeth Owen (nee Moorcroft), his father was George Owen, 1769 – 1836.

A descendant of a sibling of George Owen has been found and has done a DNA test, and shows up as a DNA match, which links to the wider Owen family, therefore confirming my suspicions that William Owen, the 1851 lodger, born on the 14th December 1811 to George and Elizabeth, baptised at St Mary the Virgin, Prescot on the 12th January 1812 is my great great great great grandfather.




David Bibby – From Lancashire, England to Ohio, USA

David BibbyDavid Bibby was born to Jesse Bibby and Hannah Yarwood in St. Helens, Lancashire, England on the 15th September 1887.  He is my 2nd cousin 3 times removed.

David’s grandfather, Jessie Bibby, born on the 7th April 1836 in Rainford to Jonathan Bibby and Ruth Glover was the half brother of my 3rd great grandfather, William Owen Bibby, son of William Owen and Ruth Glover (then widowed from Jonathan) born in 1845.

When I was carrying out a search of extended Bibby family members via the Ancestry website, I stumbled across an interesting record set – U.S. Passport Applications, 1795 – 1925. 

Within the results was an image of a passport application for David Bibby, which included photos of David, his wife, and a son called Jesse.

David Bibby died in Akron, Ohio, USA in 1946

I think others who carry out family history research would agree that it’s nice to find photographs of people who you’re related to.  And this record set is certainly a useful one to browse if you have any relatives, no matter how distant, who lived in the USA.

Some research notes

Because I find it difficult to get rid of old letters and notebooks, I tend to have a lot of them in the house.  As there is this blog now, I thought that i’d share some of my notes on here, not all of them are related to me, some I jotted down as I thought they might be at the time I wrote them.

Police records are fascinating to look at.  A 3rd great uncle, called Edward Chapman, born in Lancaster, Lancashire, England in 1864 was in the police force.  When I visited the Lancashire records office one time some years ago, I thought i’d take a look to see what the records are like.

Constable Edward Chapman was appointed on the 22nd August 1894 of 10 Kenmure Place, Preston.

He was aged 24, and he was 5 feet 10 inches tall.

On the 18th November 1919 his pension was secured, and he retired on a pension of £164 13 shillings 4d per year on the 21st September 1920.

From the 1767 recusants roll:

Rainford (Lancashire, England) –

Elizabeth Birchall – Widow – 40 – 9 years resident

James Birchall – her son – 10 – ditto

Also at Rainford –

William Birchall – pipemaker – 28 – 28 years resident

Margaret Birchall – his wife – 24 – 5 years resident

James Birchall – their son – 2 – 2 years resident

Ince –

Peter Middlehurst – 50 – husbandman – resident 20 years

Betty Middlehurst – 40 – resident 20 years

John Middlehurst – son – 16 – resident 16 years

Martha Middlehusrt – 12 – resident 12 years

James Middlehurst – 9 – resident 9 years

Betty Middlehurst – 7 – resident 7 years

Also at Ince –

Joseph Middlehurst Senr. – 55 – farmer – resident 20 years

John Middlehurst – son – 14 – resident 14 years

Jinney Middlehurst – daughter – 17 – resident 17 years

Kitty Middlehurst – 12 – resident 12 years

Betty Middlehurst – 5 – resident 5 years

James Middlehurst – 3 – resident 3 years

Martha Middlehurst – 1 – resident 1 year

Now, some Rainford, Billinge, Burtonwood and St. Helens entries from parish registers:

Thomas Worrall, husbandman, widr. and Sarah Mossdale, spinster married at Rainford on the 3rd November 1793.

Marriage witnesses were John Mousdell and Peter Birchall

From Billinge –

17th August 1800 Elizabeth Ramsey baptised to William and Elizabeth of Windle

10th July 1796 John Ramsey baptised to William and Betty of Windle

11th March 1798 Ellen Ramsey baptised to William and Betty of Windle

24th August 1803 William Ramsey baptised to William and Betty of Windle

26th January 1806 Thomas Ramsey baptised to William and Betty of Windle

11th September 1808 James Ramsey baptised to William and Betty of Windle

22nd September 1811 Samuel Ramsey baptised to William and Mary of Windle

From Burtonwood –

14th January 1732 Margaret Mousdel baptised to Samuel (a joiner) and Elizabeth

9th June 1821 Hannah Cunliffe of Parr buried aged 11 months

26th March 1837 Ann Titther daughter of Joseph (a miner) and Betty of Parr baptised.  Born 1st March

From St. Helens –

Elizabeth Ramsey wife of William of Windle, nailer, buried on the 12th February 1810

I think that’s it for now

Transcript of the will of Hugh Sephton

Father (5)
My great grandfather, Hugh Sephton’s 4th great grandson, William Bibby

Hugh Sephton is my 7 times great grandfather, via his daughter, Ruth.  Hugh died in February 1793, and is buried at All Saints, Rainford, Lancashire, England.

Ruth Sephton was baptised at Rainford in 1756, and married William Glover (a husbandman) in 1773.

William and Ruth’s son, Hugh, is my line.  His daughter, Ruth Glover, born in Dalton, near Wigan in 1804 gave birth to my 3 times great grandfather, William Owen Bibby, on the 11 March 1845.

William Owen Bibby and Helen/Ellen Mousdel’s son, Francis Bibby, was born in York Street, St. Helens in 1874 and he married Ellen Cundliffe at St. Peter, Parr, in 1895.

Their son, my great grandfather, William Bibby, was born on the 26 April 1901 in Tickle Street, Parr.

The transcript of Hugh Sephton’s will…….

I Hugh Sephton of Rainford in the County of Lancaster, yeoman, do this seventeenth day of October in the year of our Lord One thousand seven hundred & Ninety two, make & publish this my last will & testament in manner following:  First, at the request of my wife Ruth Sephton, I give unto my son Hugh Sephton, that Chest, feather bed, chaff bed, & that pair of linen sheets, all which were my said wife’s before our marriage, and my two armed popular chain.         Also, I give & bequeath unto my said wife Ruth Sephton the use of all the rest of my estate, money & effects, that is to say, One annuity, …. yearly rent, or sum of six pounds of lawful money of Great Britain, for & during the term of her natural life, to be issuing & payable out of my said estate, money & effects, & to be paid & payable by equal quarterly payments, on the first day of January, on the first day of April, on the first day of July, & on the first day of October, the first payment thereof to be on such of the said days as shall first & next happen after my decease, & from & immediately after the decease of my said wife Ruth Sephton I order & direct my said Estate, money & effects to be divided into five equal parts or shares, & give & bequeath the same in manner following:  First, I give & bequeath unto my said son Hugh Sephton one fifth part or share of my said Estate, money & effects, to be paid unto him my said son Hugh Sephton, or his assigns, immediately after the decease of my said wife Ruth Sephton.


Also, I give & bequeath unto my daughter Ruth Glover, one other fifth part or share of my said Estate money & effects, to be paid unto her my said daughter Ruth Glover, or her assigns, immediately after the decease of my said wife Ruth Sephton.


Also, I give & bequeath unto my daughter Johanna Leyland, one other fifth part or share of my said Estate, money & effects, to be paid unto her my said daughter Johanna Leyland, or her assigns immediately after the decease of my said wife Ruth Sephton.


Also, I give & bequeath unto my daughter Elisabeth Sutton, if she shall survive her husband Peter Sutton, one other fifth part or share of my said Estate money & effects, to be paid unto her my said daughter Elisabeth Sutton immediately upon the death of her said husband Peter Sutton, & if ny said daughter Elisabeth Sutton shall happen to die before her said husband Peter Sutton, then I give & bequeath the said one fifth part or share of my said Estate money & effects, immediately after her decease unto my said son Hugh Sephton & my said daughters Ruth Glover, Johanna Leyland & Christian Tyrer, or their assigns, to be divided equally among them;  & I authorize & impower, & direct my Executors hereinafter named, & their executors, from & after the decease of my said wife Ruth Sephton until the death of the said Peter Sutton, or of my said daughter Elisabeth Sutton, which shall first happen, to manage & improve the fortune of her the said Elizabeth Sutton, by one hereby given her, at their discretion.


Also, I give & bequeath unto my daughter Christian Tyrer, one other fifth part or share of my said Estate, money & effects, to be paid unto her my said daughter Christian Tyrer, at such time & in such manner & proportion as my executors hereinafter named, may, at their discretion, see necessary, & shall think fit, & her receipt shall be unto them a full & sufficient discharge & acquittance against all claims & demands of her husband William Tyrer, of all such sum of money, as she, either in part or full of the said legacy, shall receive;  and if my said daughter Christian Tyrer shall happen to die before she has received the whole or part of the said Legacy, by me hereby given her, then I give & bequeath the same, whither whole, or part, or whatsoever the same shall then happen to be, unto my grandson Hugh Tyrer, son of the said Christian Tyrer, to be paid unto him the said Hugh Tyrer, or his Assigns, immediately upon his said mother’s decease.  And I do hereby constitute and appoint my said son Hugh Sephton & my son in law Ralph Leyland Executors of this my last Will & testament;  In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand & seal the day & year first above written.


Signed, declared & published as & for his last will & testament, in the presence of us:


Catharine Shuttleworth                                              Hugh       [Seal]    Sephton


John Webster                                                                    his   X    mark


Matthew Robinson


The 24th Day of March 1794, Hugh Sephton and Ralph Leyland, the Executors within named, were sworn in common Form,


before me,


Above 100 & under 300                                                  R:  Carr, Surrogate


Prob:  issued


10th of April 1794

St. Helens

The place where my ancestral lines converge, where I was brought up.

I thought it might be an idea to make posts every now and again about places in the family tree, so, this is the first one – St. Helens, Lancashire, England.  I might occasionally update, and edit these posts.

Commonly thought of now as being in Merseyside, due to 1974 local authority reorganisation, however, there was no reorganisation of the historical counties, only to government administrative areas.  Something the government has acknowledged.

Thomas and Abigail Pointon (nee Stockton) travelled to St Helens from Wrinehill, Staffordshire with their family in about 1902.  Thomas was a coal miner, and there were certainly plenty of coal mines in the St. Helens area.  The Pointons settled in the Sutton area of St. Helens, living at Francis Street and Boscow Crescent.

My great great grandfather, Francis Bibby, and his wife Ellen (nee Cundliffe) lived in Tickle Street, Parr.

Elizabeth Harrison (my great grandmother) was living in Sandon Street, Sutton in the 1911 census with her parents, Frederick (born in Peter Street, off Boundary Road) and Theresa (nee Travis/Traverse) (born in Baxters Lane, Sutton)

Mum’s birth father was registered living at the miner’s hostel in Mill Lane, Sutton in 1951.

The Ormrod family, who became mum’s adopted family, lived in the Mersey Street area of Parr.

St Helens is probably a bigger place than some may think.  There are roughly 175,000 people who live in the area.

However, it is in relatively recent times that St. Helens became a town in its own right.  If you have ancestors from St. Helens, you’ll probably have noticed either”Eccleston in Prescot”, “Sutton”, “Parr”, “Rainford” or “Windle” as the place listed on the 1881 census.

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