More research notes

Some more random notes from the various bits of paper and notebooks I have, from various sources.  Note, as always, not all of the following are related to me but at the time I noted them down, they were possibilities:

Hannah Salkeld Slinger born June qtr. 1859 East Ward, Westmorland, England.  Ref. 10b 546.  Married William Gaskarth (58) father Thomas 23rd June 1896 Dunham Massey, Cheshire.

Hannah Salkeld Gaskarth of Drumlin, Windsor Terrace, Kendal, widow died 30th July 1923.  Admin Carlisle 7th September 1923 to Martha Wharton wife of James.  Effects £10482 13s 2d

Jane Annie Rawsthorne of Beckside, Old Hutton, Westmorland, spinster died 12th March 1923.  Probate Carlisle 29th May 1923 to Isabella Thompson wife of Robert & Robert Simpson baths manager.  Effects £1622 16s 7d

1851 Census – Broad Lane, Stapeley, Cheshire, England

John Hough – Head – 69 – Ag. lab. – born Wales

Ann Hough – Wife – 61 – born Acton, Cheshire

Sarah Edge – Niece – Unmarr. – 26 – Seamstress – born Liverpool

Ann Hough wife of John of Stapeley buried aged 64 on the 26th April 1853 at Wybunbury, Cheshire

1861 Census – Marsh Lane, Nantwich, Cheshire, England

Aaron Jones – Head – 37 – labr. – born Nantwich

Elizabeth Jones – Wife – 37 – born Audlem, Cheshire

Jane Jones – Dau. – 12 – scholar – born Nantwich

Aaron Jones – Son – 1 – born Nantwich

Aaron Jones – Father – 70 – Tanner – born Llangollen, North Wales

1841 Census – Wall Lane, Nantwich, Cheshire

Aaron Jones – 45 – Tanner – Not born Cheshire

Elizabeth Jones – 45 – Not born Cheshire

John Jones – 25 – Not born Cheshire

William Jones – 20 – Not born Cheshire

Aaron Jones – 15 – Born Cheshire

Samuel Jones – 9 – Born Cheshire

Ann Hough – 13 – F. S. – Born Cheshire

Elizabeth Lowe baptised 23rd January 1788 Market Drayton, Shropshire, England to John

From 1911 England Census Summary book:

Rev. Hopton at 18 Spring Lane, Radcliffe, Lancashire

On the 13th April 1899 at Emmanuel Church, Preston, Lancashire, England:

George Dunkley Coxhead aged 24, a gardener, bachelor of Cop Lane, Penwortham, father William Dunkley Coxhead (deceased), gardener.  Married Bertha Duffell aged 19, domestic servant of 34 Barlow Street.  Witnesses James Woodburn and Rachel Duffell

On the 27th February 1892 at St. Mary, Penwortham, Lancashire, England:

Robert Orritt aged 27 a farm labourer of Hutton, father Robert, a shoemaker.  Married Alice Coxhead, aged 28, spinster, mother Elizabeth Coxhead a farmer.  Witnesses John Sutton and Ellen Coxhead

On the 13th February 1816 at St. Mary, Lancaster, Lancashire, England:

George Austin, a seaman of Lancaster married Maria Pimm a spinster also of Lancaster.  Witnesses Alice Bradshaw and Anthony Marshall.

On the 7th September 1863 at St. Mary the Virgin, Prescot, Lancashire:

Jesse Bibby, of full age, a collier, widower of Whiston, father Jonathan a labourer.  Married Nancy Finch, of full age, a widow of Prescot, father Henry Critchley a labourer.  Witnesses Thomas Jones and Jane Erlam.

1901 Census – 11 Starkie Street, Leyland, Lancashire:

Hugh Wilson – 44 – Insurance agent – born Leyland

Sarah Wilson – 42 – Wife – born Longton

Harold C Wilson – 16 – Son – Commercial Clerk – born Leyland

Walter H Wilson – 12 – Son – born Carlisle

Vera J Wilson – 9 – Dau. – born Leyland

Frank Wilson – 4 – Son – born Leyland

From St. Andrew, Longton Lancashire burials:

Betty Fairhurst aged 87 of Longton buried on the 20th January 1870

And finally, a couple of St. Just in Penwith, Cornwall burials:

James Maddern aged 72 of Cape Cornwall Road buried on the 18th June 1907

William Charles Allen Dungey aged 37 of Pleasant Row, St. Just in Penwith buried 18th June 1918



More research notes

As usual with these posts, not all those names listed below are linked to me, however, at the time I noted them down it was a possibility that there could have been a link.

Buried at Preston Cemetery, Lancashire, England:

Non Conformist Grave NC/K/1192, bought by John William Chapman of 15 Thorn Street, Preston

Sarah Barnet aged 65 buried 22nd November 1913

John Thomas Barnett aged 72 buried 27th September 1940

From English and Scottish electoral registers:

1904 – George Beaver registered at 66 Park Road, Preston, Lancashire, England

1912 – William Henry Best registered at 66 Park Road, Preston, Lancashire

1955 – Mary A Paterson, Margaret Blaikie, Charles Bland and Helen C Bland, Catherine Connory and James Connory, Frederick Elkington and Margaret Elkington and David D Hadden, Dorothy K O’Dea and Thomas O’Dea, Beatrice Reilly, David Riley, Margaret Riley, Susan Thomson Joseph H Woods and Martha Woods and Peter Inglis registered at 7 St. Mary’s Street, Edinburgh, Scotland

1948 – Sophia Brown and Agnes Brown registered at 102 Skeffington Road, Preston, Lancashire.

1955 – Percy Knapper and Hannah Knapper, Henry Brown, Mabel Brown and John Campbell registered at 4 Oddfellow Street, Blackpool, Lancashire

1954 -George Jones, Dorothy Jones and John Campbell registered at 16 Chapel Street, Blackpool, Lancashire

1952 – David Marr, William Marr, William Marr, Thomas Dailly, Elizabeth B Carabine and Raymon B Carabine, James Cunningham and Susan Cunningham, Davina P G Goldie and Dennis Goldie, Helen O’Connor, Isabella O’Connor, John E O’Connor and Robert A C O’Connor  registered at 6 Harewood Road, Craigmillar, Scotland

1952 – Catherine Healey, James Healey and James Healey Jnr. , Hugh Dorian, Thomas Cashin, John Newsorne, Martin Poper, James Prendergast and Thomas Curtis registered at 31 Pembroke Road, Bootle, Lancashire, England

1900 – Betsy Chapman registered at 27 Wellfield Road, Preston, Lancashire

1900 – Ann Heaton registered at 26 Wellfield Road, Preston, Lancashire

1900 – Edward Chapman registered at 11 Kenmure Place, Preston, Lancashire

1900 – Charles Henry Ernest Chapman registered at 132 St. Paul’s Road North, Preston, Lancashire

1912 – Walter Chapman registered at 27 Wellfield Road, Preston, Lancashire

1921 – John Walter Chapman and Mary E Chapman registered at 27 Wellfield Road, Preston, Lancashire

1929 – Edward Chapman and Dinah Chapman registered 13 Cooper Street, Preston, Lancashire

1929 – Eleanor Chapman registered 35 Norris Street, Preston, Lancashire

1929 – John W Chapman, Mary E Chapman, Ernest Chapman, Nellie Chapman and Catherine Chapman registered 27 Wellfield Road, Preston, Lancashire

1930 – Thomas Chapman and Cecily Chapman registered 82 Miles Street, Preston, Lancashire

1930 – Eleanor Chapman registered 35 Norris Street, Preston, Lancashire

1931 – Henry Kelly, Ellen Kelly and Eleanor I Chapman registered 5 Gibbs Entry, Edinburgh, Scotland

1932 – Eleanor I Chapman registered 5 Gibbs Entry, Edinburgh

1935 – Eleanor I Chapman registered 12 Beaumont Place, Edinburgh

1945 – Mary E Chapman, Ernest Chapman, Catherine Chapman, Mary E Chapman (Jnr.) and Hester M Chapman registered 27 Wellfield Road, Preston, Lancashire

1945 – Samuel Murray, Francis G Fox and Hilda Fox, Cicely Chapman and William Chapman registered at 72 Brook Street, Preston, Lancashire

1948 – Edward Chapman, Richard Wallace and Amy Wallace registered 10 Kenmure Place, Preston, Lancashire

1961 – Walter Chapman and Gladys Chapman registered at 498 Blackpool Road, Preston, Lancashire

1900 – John Coxhead registered at 37 Annis Street, Preston, Lancashire

1953 – Liam Stewart, Frances McGee, Elizabeth Lyons, Thomas Delaney, George Flinn, Patrick Hayes, Edward Moody, James O’Brian, Alexander Parkinson, John Parkinson and George Dunn registered at 31 Pembroke Road, Bootle, Lancashire, England

1945 – Ann Heaton and Elizabeth Eccleston registered at 34 Wellfield Road, Preston, Lancashire

1945 – Henry Heaton and Doris H T Heaton registered at 35 Wellfield Road, Preston, Lancashire

1948 – Eleanor I Oswald,Harold Kirby and Doris Kirby, Alexander Gilfillan and Margaret Gilfillan registered at 114 Miles Street, Preston, Lancashire

1900 – Susannah Hind registered at 41 Skeffington Road, Preston, Lancashire

1945 – Alfred Hull (Senior) and Elizabeth A Hull registered at 26 Wellfield Road, Preston, Lancashire

1945 – Joseph Jackson and Ada Jackson and Alice Norcross registered at 19 Miles Street, Preston, Lancashire

1930 – Caroline Jones registered at 114 Miles Street, Preston, Lancashire

1949 – Lionel Keast and Beatrice E Keast registered at 11 Lower Trewellard, Pendeen, Cornwall, England

1946 – Eleanor I Oswald, Harold Kirby and Doris Kirby and Edith Wilson registered at 114 Miles Street, Preston, Lancashire

1947 – Eleanor I Oswald, Harold Kirby and Doris Kirby registered at 114 Miles Street, Preston, Lancashire

1931 – Robert Mather registered at 82 Miles Street, Preston, Lancashire

1921 – Walter Mitchell registered at 114 Miles Street, Preston, Lancashire

1931 – Walter Mitchell registered at 35 Norris Street, Preston, Lancashire

1939 – Harry Arthur Wigg and Catherine Wigg registered at 114 Miles Street, Preston, Lancashire

1903 – Charles Yates registered at 27 Wellfield Road, Preston, Lancashire

From Trade directories:

1892 Barrett’s directory – John Brown (j) – Painter – 98 Skeffington Road, Preston, Lancashire

1892 Barrett’s directory – John Coxhead – lorry driver – 10 Derby Street, Preston, Lancashire

1944 Barrett’s directory – D. Cowell (soldier) – 114 Miles Street, Preston, Lancashire


David Ritchie Masterton Oswald

David was the second husband of my two times great grandmother, Eleanor Isabella Coxhead.  He was born in Wemyss, Fife, Scotland on the 18th April 1914 to James Oswald and Janet Reid Ritchie Masterton.

His parents had both previously been married to others.  James Oswald, the son of James Oswald and Margaret Paterson had been married to an Elizabeth Tweeddale, and Janet Reid Ritchie Masterton, the daughter of Robert Masterton and Ann Ritchie Hill, had been married to a James Doddes Picken.

It was quite a surprise to find the marriage in Edinburgh when we visited some years ago, as we were looking for a possible marriage for Eleanor’s daughter, Frances Eleanor Chapman.  At that time we had no idea that Eleanor’s first husband, Henry Chapman, had died in 1928 in Rotterdam.

David R M Oswald and Eleanor I Chapman nee Coxhead married at the Nicolson Street Church of Scotland church in Edinburgh on the 26th July 1935.  The service was carried out by William Galbraith Taylor, minister.  The witnesses were Malcolm Mattocks of 321 West Port, and Elizabeth Lewis of 55 Home Street.

At the time of the marriage, David was a railway porter aged 21 of 12 Grange Court, Edinburgh, and Eleanor, a widow, aged 56 of 12 Beaumont Place, Edinburgh.  Although her age is listed as 49 on the marriage certificate.  She must have looked young for her age.

Apparently David wasn’t living with my grandmother, Beatrice, and her grandmother, Eleanor Isabella at the time of the 1939 national register at 2A Greenside Place, he had possibly signed up for military service by that time.  The next thing we hear of him is from a newspaper clipping from 1946:

DRM Oswald desertion from Eleanor Tuesday 8th January 1946 LEP
From the Tuesday 8th January 1946 edition of the Lancashire Evening Post

This would tie in with him not appearing on the electoral register at 114 Miles Street, Preston with Eleanor Isabella for a couple of years.

Eleanor Isabella Oswald died on the 7th January 1951 of 114 Miles Street, Preston;  and was buried with her parents, John and Mary Coxhead (nee Holmes) at Preston Cemetery.

By October 1951, David was living at Bath Street in Newton Heath, close to Manchester.  On the 3rd October 1951, he married a Clara Davidson (maiden name Jackson), a raincoat machinist, also at that time widowed, daughter of Joseph Jackson at Manchester Register Office. The witnesses were J Jackson and J Mellor.

At some point David and Clara moved upto Scotland, and were living in Bonnyrigg.

David Ritchie Masterton Oswald died in 2009, aged 94.

If you know of David or any of the other people mentioned above, i’d be pleased to hear from you.  Please click here to get in touch.


Frances Eleanor Chapman

I thought it might be a good idea, given recent updates, to list all that we know in relation to my great grandmother, Frances Eleanor Chapman.

Frances was born on the 18th November 1905, the address listed on the birth certificate was “Back of Woodclose Cottage Bembridge R.D.”, on the Isle of Wight.

Her parents were Henry Chapman, a “marine stoker”, and Eleanor Isabella Chapman nee Coxhead.  The birth was registered on the 22nd December 1905.

On the 14th January 1906, she was baptised at the Holy Trinity Church of England Church in Bembridge.

By 1911, Henry, Eleanor Isabella and Frances Eleanor had moved up to Preston, Lancashire.  They appeared on the 1911 census at 96 Wellfield Road with Eleanor Isabella’s mother, Mary Coxhead nee Holmes, who had been born at Hazel Ridge, near Cartmel in 1852, her husband John had died that year, and Mary would die the following year, and be buried with him at Preston cemetery.

On the census, Henry Chapman is stated as working as a second engineer on a Preston corporation dredger, while Eleanor Isabella is listed as a weaver at a cotton mill.

The records of employees working on the dredgers are very delicate, however, it could be established that in 1911 Henry was working on the “Gilbertson” dredger.

On the 25th September 1912, Frances Eleanor was admitted to St. Matthew’s C of E school in Preston, the address they were living at was 11 Cavendish Road.  Henry appeared in Barrett’s directory of Preston in 1917 at the same address, listed as an “engnr.”

But, Frances wouldn’t be staying at that school for very long, indeed, under “Remarks”, the word “Removed” is given.

The family had moved to Edinburgh at some point between being listed in the trade directory in 1917, and “Harry Chapman” appearing on the 1920 valuation roll at 61 Home Street, Edinburgh.  Frances would have been 15 in 1920.

Frances, a restaurant waitress, had met somebody in the latter part of 1924, and had a baby girl, my grandmother, Beatrice Eleanor Chapman on the 8th August 1925 at the Elsie Inglis Memorial Maternity Hospital not far from Holyrood. The address given on the birth certificate was 61 Home Street.

According to the Lothian Health Service archives entry for the birth, Frances intended to marry the father, but no father’s name is given anywhere.

It must have been tragic for the family to hear the news from workmates who’d travelled with Henry on the ship “Borthwick”, that he’d died of acute sepsis at a hospital in Rotterdam on the 20th August 1928.

It is most likely that Henry, the second child that we know of, of Frances Eleanor, then in domestic service, gave birth to in Edinburgh towards the end of 1930, was named after her dad.  She gave 5 Gibb’s Entry, Edinburgh as her address.  In 1930 her mum, Eleanor Isabella, was listed on the valuation roll at 17 West Richmond Street, Edinburgh.

Beatrice was placed in an orphanage in about 1932, as i’ve mentioned before, and Henry told me that he was fostered to a family in Scotland.

This is all that we know of Frances Eleanor Chapman to date.

Searches of marriages and deaths after 1930 for Frances in England, Wales and Scotland have not produced the right result.

UPDATE – 7/6/2016 – Frances Eleanor Chapman born 1905 does not appear on the 1939 Scottish National Register.

If you recognise any of the above, please do get in touch by clicking here, would be pleased to hear from you.

UPDATE – 4th July 2016 – Rechecked through all Frances E Chapmans who marred in England and Wales, cross checking birth dates with 1939 England and Wales national register.  No matches.

John Walter Chapman

Chapman family Ampthill 1841
1841 Census – Grange, Ampthill, Bedfordshire, England

John Walter Chapman, my 3 times great grandfather, was born between about 1835 and 1837, we believe in Ampthill, Bedfordshire, England.  All the available evidence to date points to his parents being Thomas Chapman and Sophia Money, who married at Ampthill in 1819

However, there is a certain amount of mystery surrounding him, and a story which some of the descendants of John Walter Chapman have had passed down to them via their parents, grandparents etc…

We can say that the approximate birth date is most likely correct, as that is pretty much consistent throughout all the available census returns, and matches up pretty much to his age at his death in Preston, Lancashire in 1895.  The birthplace of Ampthill, Bedfordshire is also consistently given.  However, no record of a baptism has been found to date.

We can also say with certainty that John was a joiner.

The wife of a 2nd cousin twice removed has carried out quite a bit of research in the past into the Chapmans from the Ampthill area, and these can be traced several hundred years back to Steppingley, also in Bedfordshire.  Among her research is information related to poor relief, which lists John as a child of Thomas.

On the 1841 Census, John Chapman aged 4 is listed living at “Grange”, Ampthill alongside others with the surname Chapman;  Thomas – Ag. Lab. (60), Sophia (50), Thomas (15), William (15), Sophia (10) and Joseph, aged 7.

The residence before in 1841 lists another Chapman family – Thomas (35), Mary (30), Jane (2) and Emma (10 months)

John Walter Chapman Ingrave Essex 1851 census
1851 Census – Ingrave, Essex, England

In 1851 John is no longer in Bedfordshire, and is living with a family called Skinner in Ingrave, Essex, he is listed as a scholar, and there is no relationship given to the head of the household.

The head of the household at Ingrave is Edwin Skinner, aged 42, a school master born in Brede, Sussex.  His wife is listed as Ann, aged 33 a school mistress born in Fittleworth, Sussex, their children being Sarah aged 9, Richard aged 7, Walter aged 5, Robert aged 3, and William aged 1.  It is interesting that they have a son called Walter, given that Walter does not seem to appear anywhere else within either the immediate Chapman or Money families.

In the June quarter of 1841 there is a likely marriage for Edwin Skinner, to either a Harriet Bowles, Mary Budd or Martha Ann Hamman in the Chichester registration district.

I have found a possible baptism of Martha Ann Hamman to Luke Hamman and Elizabeth Farley on the 29th March 1818 at Burton Roman Catholic church in Sussex.

This could be significant, potentially.  The family story I briefly mentioned earlier is that John Walter was born out of wedlock, and if he remained as a Catholic he would get some money from the Catholic Church for his upkeep.  Apparently, he did not remain so, and, money went to the “little sisters of Nazareth”.

John married Elizabeth/Betsy Pym/Pimm at St. Peter’s Roman Catholic church in Lancaster, Lancashire in 1857, and although no father’s name appears on the marriage certificate that can be ordered, St. Peter’s church have in their records a note with the marriage saying that John was the son of Thomas and Sophie.

So is this conclusive proof?

Well, we cannot say with 100% certainty.  What can be hoped for however, is that eventually the descendant of an aunt or uncle of John Walter does a DNA test, and we can then compare our results.

One other potential clue, is that living with John Walter Chapman and family in Preston, Lancashire in 1871 is a George Chapman, a nephew, aged 17, an iron works labourer born in Gawcott, Buckinghamshire, England.

There is a possible baptism for a George Chapman, to a James and Amy Anne at Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire on the 4th February 1855.

There is another potential baptism of a George Chapman at Paulerspury, Northamptonshire (Not very far away at all) to a William and Elizabeth on the 25th December 1854.

John, possible son of Thomas and Sophia did have a brother called William, however, there are baptisms to seemingly the same William and Elizabeth at Paulerspury going back to 1848, and William Chapman (brother of the possible John Walter Chapman) son of Thomas and Sophia is currently thought to appear on the 1851 census as a single man, at Oliver Street, Ampthill.

Perhaps time will eventually confirm or deny that John Walter was possibly a grandson of Thomas and Sophia, via an illegitimate birth, with the father being a Chapman, and the mother possibly being a Hamman/Hammon/Hammond or a Skinner.  (I’m thinking Martha Ann Hamman was the likely wife of Edwin Skinner.)

If there are any descendants of any of the Hamman/Hammon/Hammond and Skinner families reading this, you may hold the keys to unlocking this mystery in your DNA.

Until then, I will continue checking my matches regularly.

Update 2nd June 2016 – I have been informed that a baptism record has been located at Ingrave, Essex.  John was baptised to Thomas and Sophia.

Update 4th July 2016 – According to the records of Thorndon Hall RC Chapel, West Horndon, Essex, John Walter Chapman, son of Thomas and Elizabeth was born on the 14th March 1837 and baptised on the 19th April 1851.  Research courtesy of P. Chapman






Some research notes

Because I find it difficult to get rid of old letters and notebooks, I tend to have a lot of them in the house.  As there is this blog now, I thought that i’d share some of my notes on here, not all of them are related to me, some I jotted down as I thought they might be at the time I wrote them.

Police records are fascinating to look at.  A 3rd great uncle, called Edward Chapman, born in Lancaster, Lancashire, England in 1864 was in the police force.  When I visited the Lancashire records office one time some years ago, I thought i’d take a look to see what the records are like.

Constable Edward Chapman was appointed on the 22nd August 1894 of 10 Kenmure Place, Preston.

He was aged 24, and he was 5 feet 10 inches tall.

On the 18th November 1919 his pension was secured, and he retired on a pension of £164 13 shillings 4d per year on the 21st September 1920.

From the 1767 recusants roll:

Rainford (Lancashire, England) –

Elizabeth Birchall – Widow – 40 – 9 years resident

James Birchall – her son – 10 – ditto

Also at Rainford –

William Birchall – pipemaker – 28 – 28 years resident

Margaret Birchall – his wife – 24 – 5 years resident

James Birchall – their son – 2 – 2 years resident

Ince –

Peter Middlehurst – 50 – husbandman – resident 20 years

Betty Middlehurst – 40 – resident 20 years

John Middlehurst – son – 16 – resident 16 years

Martha Middlehusrt – 12 – resident 12 years

James Middlehurst – 9 – resident 9 years

Betty Middlehurst – 7 – resident 7 years

Also at Ince –

Joseph Middlehurst Senr. – 55 – farmer – resident 20 years

John Middlehurst – son – 14 – resident 14 years

Jinney Middlehurst – daughter – 17 – resident 17 years

Kitty Middlehurst – 12 – resident 12 years

Betty Middlehurst – 5 – resident 5 years

James Middlehurst – 3 – resident 3 years

Martha Middlehurst – 1 – resident 1 year

Now, some Rainford, Billinge, Burtonwood and St. Helens entries from parish registers:

Thomas Worrall, husbandman, widr. and Sarah Mossdale, spinster married at Rainford on the 3rd November 1793.

Marriage witnesses were John Mousdell and Peter Birchall

From Billinge –

17th August 1800 Elizabeth Ramsey baptised to William and Elizabeth of Windle

10th July 1796 John Ramsey baptised to William and Betty of Windle

11th March 1798 Ellen Ramsey baptised to William and Betty of Windle

24th August 1803 William Ramsey baptised to William and Betty of Windle

26th January 1806 Thomas Ramsey baptised to William and Betty of Windle

11th September 1808 James Ramsey baptised to William and Betty of Windle

22nd September 1811 Samuel Ramsey baptised to William and Mary of Windle

From Burtonwood –

14th January 1732 Margaret Mousdel baptised to Samuel (a joiner) and Elizabeth

9th June 1821 Hannah Cunliffe of Parr buried aged 11 months

26th March 1837 Ann Titther daughter of Joseph (a miner) and Betty of Parr baptised.  Born 1st March

From St. Helens –

Elizabeth Ramsey wife of William of Windle, nailer, buried on the 12th February 1810

I think that’s it for now