Some early Norton le Moors family mentions

Find My Past has a large collection of Staffordshire parish records now available to browse, so I decided to go through some of the early Norton le Moors/Norton in the Moors St. Bartholomew parish records, and transcribe a few of them which relate and may relate to the “Our Ancestors” family tree:

John Rosse and Julian Rowley married 18th October 1618

Jane Poynton the daughter of Randle and Rosse his wife baptised the 31st October 1619

Elizabeth Roose the daughter of John Roose and Julia his wife was baptised 11th February 1620

John the sone of Randle Poynton and Joyse his wife baptised 17th March 1621

Thomas Besswicke and Mary Poynton married ………? 1621

Elina (?) the daughter of John Roase and Julian his wife baptised 23rd February 1622

Meare the sone of Randall Poynton and Joyse his wife baptised 4th October 1624

Anne the daughter of John Rose and Julian his wife baptised 27th February 1624

….(Wm.?) Ball and Jane Poynton married February 24th 1624

Randall Poynton buried May the 25 1625

….? the daughter of Randall Poynton and Joyse his wife bapt. the same day (14th January) 1626

Meare Poynton and Elizabeth Tourner married February the 11th (?) 1627

Jane the daughter of Meare Poynton and Elizabeth his wife baptised …… 1628

Randulphi Poynton baptised 2nd August 1629

Joane the daughter of John Rose baptised the first day of August 1630

Jane the daughter of Maier ? Poynton baptised the 3 day of Oct 1630

Ellin the daughter of Randulphe Poynton was baptised December 3 1631

William the sonn of Meare Pointon was buried the 28th January 1637

John son of Meare Pointon and Elizabeth bapt. April the 19th 1640

Elizabeth Pointton buried April the ? 1640

John the son of Meare Pointon buried 29th June 1642

Mathew Pointon buried 26th March 1645




The Pim/Pym family

Betsy Pimm, the daughter of Reuben and Ann (nee Bradshaw) was born on the 16th March 1839, and baptised at St. Mary, Lancaster/Lancaster Priory, on the 9th June that same year.  Reuben was a white smith.

Betsy went on to marry John Walter Chapman “son of Thomas and Sophie”, a carpenter, at St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church in Lancaster in 1857.  They are one set of my three times great grandparents.

Betsy’s grandparents were Reuben and Margaret (nee Blaickow) who had married at St. Mary, Lancaster in 1785, both were of Skerton at the time of their marriage.  Reuben had previously been married to a Jane Butler at Lancaster  in 1782, at that time of the 47th regiment of foot.

On the first October 1817, a removal order was issued that stated “Reuben Pym and Margaret his wife” should be removed from Lancaster, to their “lawful settlement….of Banwell in the County of Somersett”

Reuben was buried at St. Mary, Lancaster on the 9th September 1821, aged 71, from the age given at his burial, we can guess that he was born in about 1750, and we can observe that clearly, Reuben and Margaret were not removed to Banwell in Somerset, or if they had been, had made their way back to Lancaster to live out the last years of their lives with their children surrounding them.

However, it does potentially give us a clue as to Reuben’s origins, Banwell in Somerset.

The Ancestry website has recently added some new records, interestingly, for Somerset, so I decided to do some searching for any potential clues.

There is a baptism of a Reuben Pim recorded at Banwell, Somerset.  But, it is in 1744, 6 years earlier than Reuben’s approximate date of birth, to William and Frances on the 18th May 1744.

This Reuben appears to have married an Anstice Kitching in 1765, then as a widower, to a Mary Quick in 1769.  And this is where it gets interesting.

On the 5th January 1783, there are 2 baptisms to Reuben and Mary at Banwell, Somerset.  William, aged 5 years 6 months, and Phillip, aged 19 months.

At 22 Marton Street, Lancaster, Lancashire on the 1851 Census are the following family:

Philip Pimm – Head – Mar. – 76 – Ship Carpenter – born Bristol, Somerset

Margaret Pimm – Wife – Mar. – 66 – born Lancaster, Lancashire

George Pimm – Son – Unmarr. – 24 – Cordwainer – born Lancaster

Robert Pimm – Son – Unmarr. – 17 – Tailor – born Lancaster

William Pimm – Grandson – 8 – scholar – born Lancaster

Maria Pimm – Grand dau – 3 – born Lancaster

This Philip Pim is most likely the same Philip who was baptised at Banwell, Somerset to Reuben and Mary, and due to the removal order naming Banwell, Somerset as the “lawful settlement” of Reuben and Margaret, it is highly likely that these families were closely linked in some way.

The Reuben baptised in 1744 at Banwell was either the same Reuben who went on to marry Jane Butler, then Margaret Blaickow in Lancaster, or, he was the Reuben who married Anstice Kitching, then Mary Quick in Somerset.

Could the 2 Reubens have been cousins?  The families must have known each other.



Some more research notes

Various notes on bits of paper i’ve gathered over the years.  As always in these posts, not all of these people are related to me, but I noted these things down at the time as they could have been.

From the Staffordshire BMD indexes:

Hannah Pointon death registered 1871 Newcastle under Lyme, Audey sub district, ref. AUD/011/41

Hannah Pointon death registered 1877 Newcastle under Lyme, Audley sub district, ref. AUD/014/4

George Pointon death registered 1888 Newcastle under Lyme, Audley sub district, ref. AUD/018/99

Thomas Stockton married Mary H Grocott – St. Margaret, Wolstanton – 1873 – ref. C30/12/450

Alfred Stockton married Kate Lightfoot – St. Mary, Knutton – 1884 – ref. C15/1/101

Samuel Stockton married Jane Hughes – St. Mary, Knutton – 1887 – ref. C15/1/175

Alexander Stockton married Ellen Dickin – St. Luke, Silverdale – 1892 – ref. C26/1/458

William J Stockton married Elizabeth Key – St. Mary, Knutton – 1893 – ref. C15/1/383

Thomas Stockton married Rosalina Stubbs – St. Mary, Knutton – 1895 – ref. C15/1/408

From St. Mary, Lancaster, Lancashire parish registers:

Baptisms to John and Peggy Woodhouse –

Nancy on the 30th June 1791

Agnes on the 15th January 1789

Jane on the 3rd January 1799

Mary on the 3rd January 1796

Betty on the 11th April 1793

John on the 15th August 1802

Margaret on the 3rd April 1800

Thomas Dickinson on the 26th August 1805

From the GRO Index:

Alice Pedder death registered Lancaster March quarter 1843, ref. 21 362

Peter Pedder death registered Preston September quarter 1845, ref. 21 354

Mary Ann Bradshaw death registered Lancaster March quarter 1850, ref. 21 382

James Docker death registered Ulverston March quarter 1857, ref. 8e 428

Isabella Willison death registered Ulverston March quarter 1895 aged 69, ref. 8e 641

James Holme death registered Kendal March quarter 1840, ref. 25 331

James Holme death registered Ulverston March quarter 1868, aged 67, ref. 8e 472

From the 1841 England Census

36 Bridge Lane, Lancaster –

William Bradshaw – 37 – Blockmaker – born Lancashire

Mary Ann Bradshaw – 37 – born Lancashire

Edward Bradshaw – 11 – born Lancashire

Margaret Bradshaw – 5 – born Lancashire

Betsy Bradshaw – 9 months – born Lancashire

12 St. George’s Quay, Lancaster –

Christopher Bradshaw – 65 – Burtons mariner – born Lancashire

May C. Bradshaw – 60 – born Lancashire

Agnes Bradshaw – 20 – born Lancashire

Under Gardens, Damside Street, Lancaster –

Edward Bradshaw – 32 – currier & leather dealer – born Lancashire

Margaret Bradshaw – 32 – not born Lancashire

William Bradshaw – 9 – not born Lancashire

John Bradshaw – 7 – not born Lancashire

Elizabeth Bradshaw – 6 – born Lancashire

Hannah Bradshaw – 2 – born Lancashire

Margaret Bradshaw junior – 8 months – born Lancashire

From the 1851 England Census:

Parr Stocks, Parr –

Peter Cundliffe – Head – coal miner – 56 – born Parr

Mary Cundliffe – Wife – 55 – born Parr

Joseph Cundliffe – Son – coal miner – 16 – born Parr

Saml. Cundliffe – Son – coal miner – 13 – born Parr

John Cundliffe – Son – wid. – coal miner – 35 – born Parr

Miles Cundliffe – Son – wid. – coal miner – 32 – brn Parr

Mary Cundliffe – G. Dau. – scholar – 8 – born Parr

John Cundliffe – G. Son – scholar – 10 – born Parr

Ralph Cundliffe – G. Son – scholar – 8 – born Parr

Mary Cundliffe – G. Dau. – scholar – 6 – born Parr

And from the 1861 England Census:

Park Road Beerhouse, Parr  –

Thomas Francis – Head – marr. – 40 – Beerseller – born Parr

Esther Francis – Wife – marr. – 40 – born Parr

Wm. Francis – Son — 18 – born Parr

John Francis – Son – 15 – born Parr

Ellen Francis – Dau – 8 – born Parr

Elizth. Francis – Dau. – 2 – born Parr

Samuel Francis – Son – 4 mths. – born Parr



More research notes

Some more notes from various sources in my notebooks and on scraps of paper.  As always, spellings are as the originals, and not all of the following will be related, but I noted them down at the time as they might be.

From St. Helens, Lancashire electoral registers:

Registered at 22 Chester Lane in the 1901 register – William Harrison

At 31 Tickle Street also in 1901 – Frederick Bibby

Registered at 31 Herbert Street in the 1907 register – Thomas Pointon

Burials from St. Nicholas, Sutton, St. Helens:

18th May 1907 – Thomas Pointer of Herbert Street – 2 days old

10th October 1914 – Ellen Harrison of Chester Lane – 51 years

11th February 1914 – Elizabeth Harrison of 1 Nelson Street – 71 years

24th October 1917 – Frederick Victor Harrison of Garnet Street – 3 days

10th June 1919 – Alice Harrison of Clock Face Road – 55 years

24th November 1919 – James Harrison of 1 Parr Mill Road – 78 years

16th September 1920 – Evelyn Harrison of Nelson Street – 1 day

13th January 1927 – Thomas Pointer of Francis Street – 54 years

9th September 1930 – Frederick James Harrison of Garnet Street – 37 years

13th January 1940 – Elizabeth Harrison of Goodban Street – 77 years

26th June 1941 – Elizabeth Harrison of Mill Lane – 65 years

29th December 1943 – William Harrison of Boscow Crescent – 70 years

From the Cornwall census:

In 1841 at Creed:

James Dungey – 25 – farmer – Not born in Cornwall

Elener Dungey – 20 – Born Cornwall

Susannah Dungey – 3 – Born Cornwall

William Dungey- 16 months – Born Cornwall

James Dungey – 60 – shoe maker – Born Cornwall


In 1851 at Castles, Creed, Cornwall:

James Dungey – head – married – 72 – born Heland, Cornwall

James Dungey – son – married – 33 – farmer of 16 acres – born Chelsea

Elenor Dungey – wife – married – 35 – born St. Ewe, Cornwall

Wm. H Dungey – son – 10 – born Creed

Susan Dungey – dau – 12 – born St. Ewe

James Dungey – son – 8 – born St. Ewe

Charles Dungey – son – 6 – born St. Ewe

Elizth. Dungey – dau – 4 – born St. Ewe

Mary Dungey – dau – 2 – born St. Ewe

Thomas Dungey – son – 2 months – born Creed




Some more research notes

notesVarious notes from visits to libraries and record offices some years ago, not all of the people named in these notes are actually related to me, but I noted them down as they were possibles at the time:


From the Cartmel parish registers:

James son of James Barrow of Overnewton baptised 1st February 1645

From Lowick:

Mary wife of William Walker of Laneend yeoman buried aged 68 on the 17th August 1806

From Halsall:

Katharina daughter of Jacobi Coxhead of Halsall baptised 11th February 1704

Elizabetha daughter of Jacobi Coxhead of Halsall baptised 17th August 1707

From North Meols:

8th September 1800 John son of James Cockshead of Scarisbrick buried aged 17.  Weakness.  Double Dues

Alice daughter of James and Mary Cockshead of Scarisbrick baptised 21st October 1781

Anne daughter of James and Mary Cockshead of Rowe Lane baptised 29th June 1777

Betty daughter of James and Mary Cockshead of Scarisbrick baptised 11th July 1779

John son of James and Mary Cockshead of Scarisbrick baptised 4th September 1785

Jane daughter of James and Jane Cockshead of Scarisbrick baptised 8th June 1788

From a Lancashire marriage bond, dated the 5th July 1782:

Reuben Pimm a corporal in the 47th regiment of foot and James Townson of Lancaster, innkeeper.  Sealed in the presence of Josias Lambert.

Reuben aged 30 and upwards, Jane Butler aged 23

From St. Mary, Lancaster:

Margaret Pym buried aged 66 on the 17th March 1824

Maria Pimm aged 1 buried on the 28th April 1824

And from St. Mary, Penwortham:

John Wilson married Elizabeth Nelson by banns on the 15th May 1827

Witnesses James Wilson and William Godber

From St. Helens electoral registers, including the year the people were registered at a particular address, spellings are as per the electoral registers:

1929 at 2 Francis Street, Sutton, St. Helens – Abigail and Alfred Poynton

Same year at 15 Francis Street, Sutton, St. Helens – Samuel, Louisa and Gladys Bailey and Emily Stockton

1931 at 31 Tickle Street, Parr, St. Helens – Francis and Ellen Bibby, Francis Bibby Jnr. , Richard and Mary Hodkinson

1936 at 13 Boscow Crescent, Sutton, St. Helens – Frederick and Ann Pointon

1939 at 19 Beresford Street, Thatto Heath, St. Helens – Frederick and Lucy Harrison and Mary Ellen Finch

1962 at 12 Legion Road, Thatto Heath, St. Helens – Teresa and Arthur Harrison

That’s all for now.



Some research notes

Because I find it difficult to get rid of old letters and notebooks, I tend to have a lot of them in the house.  As there is this blog now, I thought that i’d share some of my notes on here, not all of them are related to me, some I jotted down as I thought they might be at the time I wrote them.

Police records are fascinating to look at.  A 3rd great uncle, called Edward Chapman, born in Lancaster, Lancashire, England in 1864 was in the police force.  When I visited the Lancashire records office one time some years ago, I thought i’d take a look to see what the records are like.

Constable Edward Chapman was appointed on the 22nd August 1894 of 10 Kenmure Place, Preston.

He was aged 24, and he was 5 feet 10 inches tall.

On the 18th November 1919 his pension was secured, and he retired on a pension of £164 13 shillings 4d per year on the 21st September 1920.

From the 1767 recusants roll:

Rainford (Lancashire, England) –

Elizabeth Birchall – Widow – 40 – 9 years resident

James Birchall – her son – 10 – ditto

Also at Rainford –

William Birchall – pipemaker – 28 – 28 years resident

Margaret Birchall – his wife – 24 – 5 years resident

James Birchall – their son – 2 – 2 years resident

Ince –

Peter Middlehurst – 50 – husbandman – resident 20 years

Betty Middlehurst – 40 – resident 20 years

John Middlehurst – son – 16 – resident 16 years

Martha Middlehusrt – 12 – resident 12 years

James Middlehurst – 9 – resident 9 years

Betty Middlehurst – 7 – resident 7 years

Also at Ince –

Joseph Middlehurst Senr. – 55 – farmer – resident 20 years

John Middlehurst – son – 14 – resident 14 years

Jinney Middlehurst – daughter – 17 – resident 17 years

Kitty Middlehurst – 12 – resident 12 years

Betty Middlehurst – 5 – resident 5 years

James Middlehurst – 3 – resident 3 years

Martha Middlehurst – 1 – resident 1 year

Now, some Rainford, Billinge, Burtonwood and St. Helens entries from parish registers:

Thomas Worrall, husbandman, widr. and Sarah Mossdale, spinster married at Rainford on the 3rd November 1793.

Marriage witnesses were John Mousdell and Peter Birchall

From Billinge –

17th August 1800 Elizabeth Ramsey baptised to William and Elizabeth of Windle

10th July 1796 John Ramsey baptised to William and Betty of Windle

11th March 1798 Ellen Ramsey baptised to William and Betty of Windle

24th August 1803 William Ramsey baptised to William and Betty of Windle

26th January 1806 Thomas Ramsey baptised to William and Betty of Windle

11th September 1808 James Ramsey baptised to William and Betty of Windle

22nd September 1811 Samuel Ramsey baptised to William and Mary of Windle

From Burtonwood –

14th January 1732 Margaret Mousdel baptised to Samuel (a joiner) and Elizabeth

9th June 1821 Hannah Cunliffe of Parr buried aged 11 months

26th March 1837 Ann Titther daughter of Joseph (a miner) and Betty of Parr baptised.  Born 1st March

From St. Helens –

Elizabeth Ramsey wife of William of Windle, nailer, buried on the 12th February 1810

I think that’s it for now