More research notes

Some more random notes from the various bits of paper and notebooks I have, from various sources.  Note, as always, not all of the following are related to me but at the time I noted them down, they were possibilities:

Hannah Salkeld Slinger born June qtr. 1859 East Ward, Westmorland, England.  Ref. 10b 546.  Married William Gaskarth (58) father Thomas 23rd June 1896 Dunham Massey, Cheshire.

Hannah Salkeld Gaskarth of Drumlin, Windsor Terrace, Kendal, widow died 30th July 1923.  Admin Carlisle 7th September 1923 to Martha Wharton wife of James.  Effects £10482 13s 2d

Jane Annie Rawsthorne of Beckside, Old Hutton, Westmorland, spinster died 12th March 1923.  Probate Carlisle 29th May 1923 to Isabella Thompson wife of Robert & Robert Simpson baths manager.  Effects £1622 16s 7d

1851 Census – Broad Lane, Stapeley, Cheshire, England

John Hough – Head – 69 – Ag. lab. – born Wales

Ann Hough – Wife – 61 – born Acton, Cheshire

Sarah Edge – Niece – Unmarr. – 26 – Seamstress – born Liverpool

Ann Hough wife of John of Stapeley buried aged 64 on the 26th April 1853 at Wybunbury, Cheshire

1861 Census – Marsh Lane, Nantwich, Cheshire, England

Aaron Jones – Head – 37 – labr. – born Nantwich

Elizabeth Jones – Wife – 37 – born Audlem, Cheshire

Jane Jones – Dau. – 12 – scholar – born Nantwich

Aaron Jones – Son – 1 – born Nantwich

Aaron Jones – Father – 70 – Tanner – born Llangollen, North Wales

1841 Census – Wall Lane, Nantwich, Cheshire

Aaron Jones – 45 – Tanner – Not born Cheshire

Elizabeth Jones – 45 – Not born Cheshire

John Jones – 25 – Not born Cheshire

William Jones – 20 – Not born Cheshire

Aaron Jones – 15 – Born Cheshire

Samuel Jones – 9 – Born Cheshire

Ann Hough – 13 – F. S. – Born Cheshire

Elizabeth Lowe baptised 23rd January 1788 Market Drayton, Shropshire, England to John

From 1911 England Census Summary book:

Rev. Hopton at 18 Spring Lane, Radcliffe, Lancashire

On the 13th April 1899 at Emmanuel Church, Preston, Lancashire, England:

George Dunkley Coxhead aged 24, a gardener, bachelor of Cop Lane, Penwortham, father William Dunkley Coxhead (deceased), gardener.  Married Bertha Duffell aged 19, domestic servant of 34 Barlow Street.  Witnesses James Woodburn and Rachel Duffell

On the 27th February 1892 at St. Mary, Penwortham, Lancashire, England:

Robert Orritt aged 27 a farm labourer of Hutton, father Robert, a shoemaker.  Married Alice Coxhead, aged 28, spinster, mother Elizabeth Coxhead a farmer.  Witnesses John Sutton and Ellen Coxhead

On the 13th February 1816 at St. Mary, Lancaster, Lancashire, England:

George Austin, a seaman of Lancaster married Maria Pimm a spinster also of Lancaster.  Witnesses Alice Bradshaw and Anthony Marshall.

On the 7th September 1863 at St. Mary the Virgin, Prescot, Lancashire:

Jesse Bibby, of full age, a collier, widower of Whiston, father Jonathan a labourer.  Married Nancy Finch, of full age, a widow of Prescot, father Henry Critchley a labourer.  Witnesses Thomas Jones and Jane Erlam.

1901 Census – 11 Starkie Street, Leyland, Lancashire:

Hugh Wilson – 44 – Insurance agent – born Leyland

Sarah Wilson – 42 – Wife – born Longton

Harold C Wilson – 16 – Son – Commercial Clerk – born Leyland

Walter H Wilson – 12 – Son – born Carlisle

Vera J Wilson – 9 – Dau. – born Leyland

Frank Wilson – 4 – Son – born Leyland

From St. Andrew, Longton Lancashire burials:

Betty Fairhurst aged 87 of Longton buried on the 20th January 1870

And finally, a couple of St. Just in Penwith, Cornwall burials:

James Maddern aged 72 of Cape Cornwall Road buried on the 18th June 1907

William Charles Allen Dungey aged 37 of Pleasant Row, St. Just in Penwith buried 18th June 1918



Some more research notes

Yes, I have lots of notes, so, here are some more that are floating around on bits of paper.  As with all in this series of research notes, not all of these individuals are related, I jotted  things down at the time just in case they might be related.


From the Lancashire records office:

Reference QSP/2942/50 Date – 7th October 1830

Petitions – Kirkdale – Epiphany 1831

File Sutton – Order of filiation and maintenance of James, bastard child of John Allcock of Eccleston, labourer and Ellen Sherratt, singlewoman.

Reference DDX2743/MS5106

Lancaster: Order from 2 J.P.s of Lancaster to the Churchwarden and Overseers of the the Poor of Lancaster, to Convey Reuben Pym and Margaret, his wife to Banwell, Co. Somerset, their place of legal settlement. Copy 1 of 2

Dated 1st October 1817


1841 Census returns:

At Hindley Row, Burtonwood, Lancashire, England

Geo. Pownall – 65 – Weaver – born Lancashire

Betty Hill – 40 – widow – born Lancashire

Joseph Hill – 9 – born Lancashire

At Collins Green, Burtonwood

Wm. Hill – 25 – Joiner – Born Lancashire

Mgt. Hill – 25 – Born Lancashire

John Hill – 3 – Born Lancashire

Also at Collins Green

Wm. Hill – 75 – pauper – Born Lancashire

Ellen Whittle – 35 – Born Lancashire

Henry Hill – 12 – B’smith app – Born Lancashire

Mary Hill – 7 – Born Lancashire

Alice Whittle – 5 – Born Lancashire

Ann Whittle – 3 – Born Lancashire

Emma Whittle – 1 – Born Lancashire

At High Street, Newton, Lancashire, England

Moses Hill – 45 – Clogger – Born Lancashire

Ann Hill – 45 – Born Lancashire

Ann Hill – 15 – Born Lancashire

At Dallam Lane, Burtonwood, Lancashire

Thomas Parr – 50 – Ag lab. – Born Lancashire

Martha Parr – 50 – Born Lancashire

Vulcan Foundry, Newton, Lancashire

James Hill – 35 – labr. – Born Lancashire

Elizth. Hill – 30 – Born Lancashire

Mgt. Hill – 11 – Born Lancashire

Thomas Hill – 9 – Born Lancashire

John Hill – 7 – Born Lancashire

James Hill – 4 – Born Lancashire

Samuel Hill – 1 – Born Lancashire

Also at Vulcan Foundry

Isaac Hill – 25 – labr. – Born Lancashire

Charlot Hill – 25 – Born Lancashire

Samuel Hill – 7 – Born Lancashire

Mgt. Hill – 4 – Born Lancashire

John Hill – 3 months – Born Lancashire


From the probate index:

Thomas Chapman the elder died on the 3rd September 1865 at Ampthill.  Will proved at the Principal Registry by oath of Thomas Chapman of Ampthill the son & sole executor.  Effects under £3000


From the index of deaths:

March quarter 1959 – George W Pim – 59 – Burnley – ref. 10b 933

September quarter 1955 – Henry E Pimm – 9 – Blackburn – ref. 10b 320

December quarter 1953 – Elizabeth A Pim – 60 – Nelson – ref. 10e 516

December quarter 1952 – Herbert H Pym – 78 – Preston – 10f 292

March quarter 1952 – Amelia Pym – 80 – Fylde – 10c 302

December quarter 1949 – Alfred Pym – 86 – Lancaster – 10c 546

September quarter 1947 – Isabella Pym – 78 – Lancaster – 10c 422

March quarter 1947 – Jane A Pimm – 74 – Lancaster – 10c 780

December quarter 1946 – William Pym – 81 – Clitheroe – 10c 54


From St. Helens, Lancashire electoral registers, registered at each address on the 15th April 1923:  (Spellings as per the electoral register)

31 Tickle Street – Francis, Ellen and William Bibby

2 Francis Street  – Thomas Poynton and Abigail Poynton

19 Robins Lane  – George Charles Pointon and Elizabeth Pointon

37 Sandon Street – Mary Caroline Carney, George Carney, Frederick Harrison Snr. and Frederick Harrison Jnr.


From the 1891 Census:

At 172 Parr Stocks Road, Parr

William Bibby – 46 – Head – Coal miner – Born St. Helens, Lancashire

Elizabeth Bibby – 53 – Wife – Born St. Helens, Lancashire

Annie Sharrocks – 8 – niece – Born Chowbent, Lancashire

At 57 Appleton Street, Sutton (All born St. Helens, Lancashire)

Will Harrison – 42 – Head – Collier

Alice Harrison – 38 – Wife

John Harrison – 18 – Son – Coal miner

Alice A Harrison – 15 – Daughter – [I started to write something then scribbled it out]

Fred K Harrison – 13 – Son – Drawer pusher – glass

Sarah Harrison – 10 – Daughter

Louisa Harrison – 8 – Daughter

Ellen Harrison – 6 – Daughter

Florence Harrison – 4 – Daughter

Robert Harrison – 1 – Son


And finally, some notes from the probate index:

Abraham Poynton died 11th August 1924 of 7 Laburnum Cottages, Crawshawbooth, Lancs.  Admin 20th September 1924 to Norman Poynton cotton piecer.  Effects £347 15s 8d

Thomas Pointon of 2 Francis Street, St. Helens died 8th Jan 1927.  Admin Liverpool on the 24th March 1927 to Abigail Pointon widow.  Effects £50

Jane Poynton of Netherfield Road North Liverpool (Wife of Wm. Henry) died 8th April 1904 Admin Liverpool to Wm. Henry, a carter.  Effects £84 13s 4d

Mary Pointon of Miles Grn. Audley, Staffs. (Widow) died 5th September 1904.  Probate Lichfield 16th February 1905 to Thomas Pointon miner.  Effects £138 16s

Ellen Bibby of 229 Nutgrove Road, St. Helens, Lancs. widow died on the 24th July 1933.  Probate London on the 8th August 1933 to Albert Winstanley, blacksmith and Ronald Maxwell, solicitor.  Effects £343 5s 11d








David Bibby – From Lancashire, England to Ohio, USA

David BibbyDavid Bibby was born to Jesse Bibby and Hannah Yarwood in St. Helens, Lancashire, England on the 15th September 1887.  He is my 2nd cousin 3 times removed.

David’s grandfather, Jessie Bibby, born on the 7th April 1836 in Rainford to Jonathan Bibby and Ruth Glover was the half brother of my 3rd great grandfather, William Owen Bibby, son of William Owen and Ruth Glover (then widowed from Jonathan) born in 1845.

When I was carrying out a search of extended Bibby family members via the Ancestry website, I stumbled across an interesting record set – U.S. Passport Applications, 1795 – 1925. 

Within the results was an image of a passport application for David Bibby, which included photos of David, his wife, and a son called Jesse.

David Bibby died in Akron, Ohio, USA in 1946

I think others who carry out family history research would agree that it’s nice to find photographs of people who you’re related to.  And this record set is certainly a useful one to browse if you have any relatives, no matter how distant, who lived in the USA.

Transcript of the will of Hugh Sephton

Father (5)
My great grandfather, Hugh Sephton’s 4th great grandson, William Bibby

Hugh Sephton is my 7 times great grandfather, via his daughter, Ruth.  Hugh died in February 1793, and is buried at All Saints, Rainford, Lancashire, England.

Ruth Sephton was baptised at Rainford in 1756, and married William Glover (a husbandman) in 1773.

William and Ruth’s son, Hugh, is my line.  His daughter, Ruth Glover, born in Dalton, near Wigan in 1804 gave birth to my 3 times great grandfather, William Owen Bibby, on the 11 March 1845.

William Owen Bibby and Helen/Ellen Mousdel’s son, Francis Bibby, was born in York Street, St. Helens in 1874 and he married Ellen Cundliffe at St. Peter, Parr, in 1895.

Their son, my great grandfather, William Bibby, was born on the 26 April 1901 in Tickle Street, Parr.

The transcript of Hugh Sephton’s will…….

I Hugh Sephton of Rainford in the County of Lancaster, yeoman, do this seventeenth day of October in the year of our Lord One thousand seven hundred & Ninety two, make & publish this my last will & testament in manner following:  First, at the request of my wife Ruth Sephton, I give unto my son Hugh Sephton, that Chest, feather bed, chaff bed, & that pair of linen sheets, all which were my said wife’s before our marriage, and my two armed popular chain.         Also, I give & bequeath unto my said wife Ruth Sephton the use of all the rest of my estate, money & effects, that is to say, One annuity, …. yearly rent, or sum of six pounds of lawful money of Great Britain, for & during the term of her natural life, to be issuing & payable out of my said estate, money & effects, & to be paid & payable by equal quarterly payments, on the first day of January, on the first day of April, on the first day of July, & on the first day of October, the first payment thereof to be on such of the said days as shall first & next happen after my decease, & from & immediately after the decease of my said wife Ruth Sephton I order & direct my said Estate, money & effects to be divided into five equal parts or shares, & give & bequeath the same in manner following:  First, I give & bequeath unto my said son Hugh Sephton one fifth part or share of my said Estate, money & effects, to be paid unto him my said son Hugh Sephton, or his assigns, immediately after the decease of my said wife Ruth Sephton.


Also, I give & bequeath unto my daughter Ruth Glover, one other fifth part or share of my said Estate money & effects, to be paid unto her my said daughter Ruth Glover, or her assigns, immediately after the decease of my said wife Ruth Sephton.


Also, I give & bequeath unto my daughter Johanna Leyland, one other fifth part or share of my said Estate, money & effects, to be paid unto her my said daughter Johanna Leyland, or her assigns immediately after the decease of my said wife Ruth Sephton.


Also, I give & bequeath unto my daughter Elisabeth Sutton, if she shall survive her husband Peter Sutton, one other fifth part or share of my said Estate money & effects, to be paid unto her my said daughter Elisabeth Sutton immediately upon the death of her said husband Peter Sutton, & if ny said daughter Elisabeth Sutton shall happen to die before her said husband Peter Sutton, then I give & bequeath the said one fifth part or share of my said Estate money & effects, immediately after her decease unto my said son Hugh Sephton & my said daughters Ruth Glover, Johanna Leyland & Christian Tyrer, or their assigns, to be divided equally among them;  & I authorize & impower, & direct my Executors hereinafter named, & their executors, from & after the decease of my said wife Ruth Sephton until the death of the said Peter Sutton, or of my said daughter Elisabeth Sutton, which shall first happen, to manage & improve the fortune of her the said Elizabeth Sutton, by one hereby given her, at their discretion.


Also, I give & bequeath unto my daughter Christian Tyrer, one other fifth part or share of my said Estate, money & effects, to be paid unto her my said daughter Christian Tyrer, at such time & in such manner & proportion as my executors hereinafter named, may, at their discretion, see necessary, & shall think fit, & her receipt shall be unto them a full & sufficient discharge & acquittance against all claims & demands of her husband William Tyrer, of all such sum of money, as she, either in part or full of the said legacy, shall receive;  and if my said daughter Christian Tyrer shall happen to die before she has received the whole or part of the said Legacy, by me hereby given her, then I give & bequeath the same, whither whole, or part, or whatsoever the same shall then happen to be, unto my grandson Hugh Tyrer, son of the said Christian Tyrer, to be paid unto him the said Hugh Tyrer, or his Assigns, immediately upon his said mother’s decease.  And I do hereby constitute and appoint my said son Hugh Sephton & my son in law Ralph Leyland Executors of this my last Will & testament;  In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand & seal the day & year first above written.


Signed, declared & published as & for his last will & testament, in the presence of us:


Catharine Shuttleworth                                              Hugh       [Seal]    Sephton


John Webster                                                                    his   X    mark


Matthew Robinson


The 24th Day of March 1794, Hugh Sephton and Ralph Leyland, the Executors within named, were sworn in common Form,


before me,


Above 100 & under 300                                                  R:  Carr, Surrogate


Prob:  issued


10th of April 1794