Family Tree Branches

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Dad’s side of the family…..

Frederick Pointon Ann Wright engagement
Frederick Pointon (1896 – 1971) & Ann Wright (1896 – 1984)

Ancestors of Frederick Pointon

Pointon, Stockton, Eardley, Hough, Jones, Darlington, Corn, Lowe, Dale, Bowers, Samuel, Rose, Mellor, Lees, Whitehall, Meare, Rowley, Booker, Andrews, Shaw, Burton, Owbry/Obery, Boon, Garner, Hartless/Artless, Price, Cartwright.

Ancestors of Ann Wright

Wright, Ball, Barton, Blundell, Boond, Martin, Robinson, Denison, Winder, Stooks, Sutton, Salkeld, Winter, Lycock(e), Workman, Wilkinson, Moss(e), Tod(d), Thresh/Thrush, Hodgson, Brewster, Hemminglay/Heimingley, Duffan/Duffin, Hill, Burrows/Burroughs/Borrows, Francis/Frances/French, Fenney, Cundliffe, Leadbetter, Bate, Serjeant, Finney

Nan and Father 2
William Bibby (1901 – 1987) and Elizabeth Bibby nee Harrison (1903 – 1998)

Ancestors of William Bibby

Bibby, Owen, Glover, Sephton/Sefton, Gregson, Mosdel/Mosdale/Mousdale/Mousdell, Middlehurst, Cundliffe, Leadbetter, Hill, Dearden, Rhoden/Roden/Rowden, Tether/Tither/Titter, Rigby, Kilne, Parpoint/Pierpoint, Par(r), Hey(s), Holme, Sale, Marsh, Durdam/Durdom, Potter

Ancestors of Elizabeth Harrison

Harrison, Ely(e), Jackson, Rule(s)/Rools, Smith, Owen, Crouchley/Critchley, Travers(e)/Travis, Sherrard/Sherratt/Sharrett/Sharrott, Brown(e), Whittle, Hankinson, Richardson, Leyland, Pusill

Mum’s side of the family….

Ancestors of Robert Maddern

Maddern, Hockin(g)/Hocken, Hicks, Gibb(e)s, Wallis(h), Bands, Cock, Woolcock, Richards, Mann, Baragwanath, Oliver, Trembath, Davey, Grenfield, Grenfell, Eddy, Grose, Boose/Boase

Harriet Elizabeth “Hettie” Maddern nee Thomas (1892 – 1974)

Ancestors of Harriet Elizabeth Thomas

Thomas, Bottrell, Guy, Nicholas, Jilberd/Gilbert, Dungey, Pennaliggan/Pennaliggon, Higgins, South(e)y, Richards, Mayn, Daniell, Furneaux, Winter

Partner of Frances Eleanor Chapman is currently unknown.  However a potential partner or father of partner has been identified.

Ancestors of Unknown partner of Frances Eleanor Chapman

Possibile surnames may include Fordham, Cox, Moore, Morgan, McDonnell/McDonald, Divine and Smith

Ancestors of Frances Eleanor Chapman

Chapman, Church, T(h)russell, Mon(e)y, Denbe(e)(y), Bedcote/Bedcott, Bottom(s), Dennis, Luffine, Cro(w)ley/Crawlye, Prior/Pryor, Stapleton, Pim(m)/Pym(m), Bla(i)c(k)ow, Bradshaw, Woodhouse, Wilson, Cockshead/Cockshutt/Cockshoot/Cockshott/Coxhead, Morecroft/Moorcroft, Hesketh, Birchall, Harrington, Low/Law, Eastham, Wilson, Dobson, Holt, Nelson, Waterworth, Holme(s), Scale(s), Strickland, Hellen/Hellan/Hellin/Holling, Burrow/Burrough, Swenson, Garnet(t), Cartmel(l), Barrow, Townson, Atkinson, Jackson, Stor(e)y, Benson, Walker

Ancestors of Arthur Ormrod

Ancestors of Annie Clarke