It would probably be impossible for me to list every single individual i’ve been in touch with over the years, and all those who have in some way contributed towards the family tree, I have a very bad memory, however, i’d like to thank the following for their kindness in sharing their work, photos and stories, or have helped in some way over the years.  Apologies if i’ve missed someone off here.  The following are in no particular order:

Thanks to mum and dad, A. B. Dillon, V. Rankin, M. Morris, D. Slater, M. Griffiths, J. Coates, J. Bannan, G. Griffiths, P. Chapman, T. Pointon, C. Ormrod, A. J. Salisbury, D. R. White, H. B. Chapman, M.B. Knight, J. M. James, P. Pritchard and J Monks

(I’ll probably keep adding to this)