Staffordshire roots

The earliest ancestors that I know of so far on my dad’s paternal line are Ranalphus/Randall/Randulph Poynton and Jane Meare, who married at Norton le Moors, Staffordshire on the 28th July 1593.

Marriage of Ranulphus Poynton and Jana Meare
Entry for the marriage of Ranalphus Poynton and Jana Meare at Norton le Moors, Staffordshire, 1593.

They had 6 children that I know of, John (died at a young age), Ranalphus/Randall/Randle/Randulph, Mary, Meare, Jane and Ann.

Randulph is my line, baptised on the 12th November 1595 at Norton le Moors.  He married somebody called Joyce, and they had 5 children that I know of;  John (my line), Jane, William, Meare and Ellin.

John married Frances Rosse/Rose, the daughter of John and Jullian (nee Rowley) at Wolstanton, Staffordshire on the 25th October 1666.

John’s son Meare married a Jane Mellor, daughter of Robert Mellor and Jane Lees at St. Peter, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire on the 13th June 1690.  They had 6 children that i’m aware of;  Jane, Joyce, Randulph (my line), Phillip, Mary and William.

Randulph/Randle married someone called Hannah, I haven’t managed to find that marriage.  They had 4 children that I know of;  Sarah, Randle (my line), Hannah and Margaret.

Randle married Sarah Whittel/Whitehall or Allsop, the daughter of Margaret Whitehall, and presumably an unknown Allsop on the 1st July 1744 at Wolstanton, Staffordshire.  They had 6 children that I know of;  John, Elijah (died at a young age), Ann, Sarah, Randle (my line) and Elijah Pointon.  (The spelling Pointon with an i rather than a y began to firm up at about this sort of time along my line.)

Randle married Jane Dale, the daughter of Abel Dale and Sarah Booker on the 7th August 1779 at Audley.   They had 8 children;  Abel, Hannah, Charlotte, Randle, Elijah, Thomas (my line), John and William.

Thomas married Jane Darlington, daughter of John and Hannah at St. Chad, Wybunbury, Cheshire on the 27th September 1813, Thomas sadly died at a fairly young age, and the couple only had my 4th great grandfather, Randle Pointon, baptised at Audley on the 9th August 1814 (of Wybunbury, Cheshire).

Memorial card for Thomas Pointon who died following a pit explosion at Talke in 1866

Randle became a paviour, who married Mary Eardley, daughter of Samuel Eardley and Frances Corn at Audley on the 21st December 1845.  They had 2 children, George (my line) and Thomas, who sadly died following a pit explosion at Talk, in 1866.

George married Ann Hough, the daughter of John Hough and Elizabeth Jones on the 6th July 1868 at St. Luke, Silverdale, Staffordshire.  Pretty much all of the family from this point on were miners.

George and Ann had 8 children;  John Thomas, Elizabeth, Thomas, Ann, Mary, George, Martha and William Pointon.

Thomas Pointon (1872 - 1927)
Thomas Pointon (1872 – 1927)

My 2nd great grandfather, Thomas Pointon was born at Vale Pleasant, Silverdale on the 9th May 1872, he married Abigail Stockton, daughter of George Stockton and Emily Shaw at St. Mary, Knutton on the 13th June 1892.

Their son, Frederick Pointon married Ann Wright, the daughter of Charles Wright and Elizabeth Francis at St. Nicholas, Sutton, St. Helens on the 26th March 1921.  They are my great grandparents.

Many thanks to T Pointon and V Rankin for sharing these photos with me.