My dad’s parents, Thomas Pointon, son of Frederick and Ann, and Eva Bibby, daughter of William and Elizabeth, were both born and lived in St Helens.  They married on the 8th July 1944 at Parr Methodist Church.

Grandad was the son of Frederick Pointon and Ann Wright, while nan was the daughter of William Bibby and Elizabeth Harrison.

Fred and Ann with their children
Frederick and Ann Pointon with their children

When they married it must have come as a welcome relief from the ongoing war.  Something nice in the midst of all the death and destruction.  Grandad had been stationed in India with the RAF during part of the war.

Nan with her mum and siblings

Nan’s dad, William Bibby was serving with the home guard, and couldn’t get back to the area for the wedding.  Both grandad’s dad, Frederick Pointon, and William Bibby’s dad, Francis Bibby had served during the first world war.

I remember nan as being the dominant force in the family, she was quick witted and down to earth.  The sort of person who could probably talk to anybody.  While grandad always seemed to me to be a good listener, and I think he seemed a reasonable, fair sort of man as well.