In the 1980s I discovered that mum was adopted, I remember feeling that this was something that I was interested in and sought out information from my grandparents on dad’s side as well.  20160416_124014-1

We met mum’s birth father, originally from Cornwall, and went on a trip with him to Blackpool, Lancashire sometime in the 1980s.  I also questioned him about the family tree.

As a child however, family history wasn’t something that I continued with for very long.

Since about 1996 my interest in family history has been reignited, and like many others who do their family tree, it’s now an addiction.

I have been considering setting up a website for family tree related things for a while, and so, this is it.

You may be particularly interested in following this website if you’re linked to a family who i’ve been researching.

You can view the family tree at Ancestry by clicking here.  I set a cut off date of 1911 so that no one outside my direct line should appear on there who was born in 1912 or later.

I do try to regularly update the family tree, and check through information.  It is an ongoing process.