Thomas Chapman

Thomas Chapman, brother of my great great grandfather, Henry Chapman, was born to John Walter and Betsy (nee Pimm/Pym) on the 22nd November 1860 in Blackburn, Lancashire.

On the 28th October 1883, Thomas married an Elizabeth Ann Baxter (daughter of William Baxter) at St Mary’s, Lancaster.  The couple had 7 children, cousins of Frances Eleanor Chapman, Reuben and John Edward Chapman;  They were Mary Ann, Elizabeth, William, Helen, John, Thomas and Lillian.

John Chapman (1893 – 1917)


Sadly, 2 sons of Thomas – John and Thomas lost their lives in world war one. John died  in Ypres, Belgium on the 9th October 1917, while Thomas junior lost his life in Somme, France on the 9th August 1916.

Thomas Chapman (1897 – 1916)



Thomas appears to have worked as a stoker according to the 1891, 1901 and 1911 census.



He died on the 26th November 1947 of West Road, Lancaster, and was buried at Lancaster cemetery on the 29th November 1947.




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