Transcript of the will of John Cartmell

Signature of John Cartmell 1726John Cartmell, the son of John Cartmell and Ann Rowlandson was a yeoman of Cartmel Fold in Crosthwaite, Westmorland, England. John was married to Mary Garnett, daughter of Robert and Agnes, and the couple had 6 children that i’m aware of – Ann, Agnes, John, William, Isaac and Thomas.  He married again quite late in life, to a Frances Briggs in 1723.

My line is via his son, Isaac, born in about 1697, and his wife, Agnes Barrow, daughter of James Barrow and Agnes Townson.

John Cartmell was buried at St. Mary, Crosthwaite on the 25th September 1727, and his will seems to have been proved fairly quickly, with an inventory taken on the 28th September 1727, and the will proven by the oaths of Isaac Cartmell (one of John’s sons and an 8th great grandfather) and Thomas Robinson on the 6th October 1727.

I John Cartmell of Cartmelfold in Crosthwaite in the Parish of Heversham & County of Westmoreland Yeoman, being at this time in pretty good health of Body Sound perfect and Disposeing Mind and Memory, Doe make publish and Declare this My Last Will and Testament in manner and form Following (viz)

First it is my Will and Mind that all my Just Debts and Funerall Expenses be paid and Discharged out of my Personal Estate by My Executor Herein after Named

Item_ I doe hereby Give and Devise all those My two Messuages and tenements Situate Lying and being in Delicar in the County aforesaid which I purchased of Thomas Braithwaite and Joseph Ayrey Called and known by the Name of Gill and Beck Foot together also with all that My Messuage and tenement Seituate Lying and being at Cartmelfold aforesaid Called Cookson Tenement with all the rights hereditaments and Appurtenances belonging to the said three messuages and tenements every or any of them Unto my Son Isaac Cartmell & his heires and assignes for Ever Subject Nevertheless and upon the Conditions following (that is to say)

Upon Condition that he my said Son Isaac Cartmell his heires and assignes Shall and Doe pay out of the Same Unto Frances my Wife the sum of Six pounds p annum for and in full Satisfaction and Leiu of her Dower out of the said Lands and tenements at two Equall and Even payments in Every Year during her Naturall life (viz)

three pounds on the Second day of february Yearly and three pounds on the first of August Yearly during the said term and the first of these payments to Comence on the first of those days which shall happen next after my Decease and upon this Further Condition that he my said Son his Heires and Assignes Shall and Doe pay forth and out of the said Messuages and Tenements herein above to him Devised the Sum of One hundred and Eighty pounds at the End of one year next after my Wife’s Decease to such person and persons and in such proportions as is herein after Limitted and Appointed

(viz) the Sum of One hundred and ten pounds part thereof unto my Son John Cartmell or His Assignes, and the Sum of Twenty pounds part [scrubbed out] also part thereof unto my Grandaughter Mary Cartmel (Daughter of my Son Thomas Cartmell) her Executors or Admrs. , and twenty pounds also part thereof unto my Grandson John Cartmell (Son of my said son Isaac) his Exs. or Adms. , and thirty pounds Residue thereof unto Robert Cartmell (Son of my son Thomas) and his Sister (the Daughter of my said son Thomas) who hath one lame hand Equally betwixt them and to their Executors or Admtrs. ,

Item I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Ann Garnett one pound out of my Personall Estate Item I give unto Thomas Dixon (son of William Dixon of Hubbersty head) five shillings Item I give and bequeath unto Mary Seatle John Seatle William Seatle Ann Seatle & Agnes Seatle Children of John Seatle & Agnes his wife (my Daughter) the Sum of Eighty pounds out of my personall Estate to be paid to them by Equall & Even proportions Immediately after the Decease of their Father and Mother or to and amongst so many of them as Shall be then Living and

I doe hereby Order that if the said John Seatle the Father shall at the End of one year next after my Decease (at which time it is my Will all Legacyes out of my personall Estate shall be paid) shall give good and Sufficient Security to my Sons Thomas Cartmell and John Cartmell or the survivor of them for the payment of the said sum of Eighty pounds to his said Children in Manner Aforesaid that then he the said John Seatle the Father may receive the said Eighty pounds

but in case he the said John Seatle refuse to give such Security then I, doe hereby Order and Appoint my said Sons Thomas and John or the Survivors of them to receive the said Eighty pounds and give Discharges for the same and lend out the same upon good Security by Mortgage or Otherwise and the clear yearly profitts Interest or proceeds thereof to pay to the said John Seatle the Father & Agnes his wife during their lives and to the Survivour  of them during his or her life and after both their Decease to pay the said Sum Equally amongst the Said John Seatle’s Children hereinabove particularly named or so many of them as shall be then living

Item I doe hereby Declare it to be my will & mind that the Sixty pounds herein bequeathed to Mary Cartmell my Grandaughter Shall when the same falls due be received by my said Sons Thomas & John Cartmell and put forth by them upon Interest & the same together with the Interest & proceeds thereof kept & go forward for her life till she Attain her age of twenty one years & then be paid to her

Item I Constitute and Appoint my said Son Isaac Cartmell Sole Executor & unto him I give & bequeath all the rest and residue of my goods Chattels rights Creditts & personall Estate whatsoever he paying & Discharging all my Just Debts Legacyes & Funerall Expenses;

And Lastly I doe hereby revoke all Other Wills heretofore by me Made and Establish & Declare this Only for my last Will & testament In Testimony whereof I have hereunto Sett my Hand & Seall the day & year following (that is to say) the Twenty Seventh of September One Thousand Seven Hundred and Twenty [something scrubbed out] Six.  1726

Signed Sealled Published and Declared by John Cartmell the testator to be his last Will and Testament (these words [Mary Cartmell] in one place & [or the Survivour] in another and the word [pounds] in another and the word [my] in another being Interlined before Sealling) In the presence of us whose names are hereunto Subscribed who attested the same in the presence of the testator as followeth

John Cartmell (signature) [Seal]

John Braithwaite

Thomas Fisher

William Williamson



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