Tuition bond for children of Reginald Strickland of Rusland – 1734

Sadly, some ancestors happened to die before their children reached adulthood.  In such cases, provisions are made for the children sometimes.

Reynold or Reginald Strickland is an 8 times great grandfather via his daughter, Elizabeth who married Nicholas Holme in Lancaster, Lancashire, England in 1741.  He died in 1819, and was buried at St. Michael and All Angels, Hawkshead on the 5th February 1719.

There are 2 pages included in the tuition bond, following is a transcript.  The spellings and grammar are as per the original documents:

Reginald Strickland aged 14 years.  Margaret Strickland aged 16 years, & Elizabeth Strickland aged 18 years, natural & lawful Children of Reginald Strickland late of Ruzland in Furness: Fell Deceased, appeared personally & respectively, and spontaneously elected George Braithwaite and Thomas Rawlinson within named their Curators or Guardians;  Which said George Braithwaite & Thomas Rawlinson were sworn well and faithfully to execute the office of Curators, and so forth, This Eleventh Day of March in the year of our Lord 1734 Before me James Thompson.  Surrogate

And page 2….

Know all Men by these Presents that we George Braithwaite of Stott: Parke in the Parish of Dalton and County of Lancaster yeoman & Thomas Rawlinson of Homsfield in the Parish of Cartmel and County aforesaid yeoman

are holden and firmly bound unto the Right Reverend Father in God Samuel by Divine Permission Lord Bishop of Chester in Five Hundred Pounds of goods and lawful Money of Great Britain to be paid unto the said Right Reverend Father his lawful Attorney Executors Administrators or Assigns to which payment well and truly to be made between ourselves and Each of Us . Severally for and in the whole our Heirs Executors and Admiistrators by these presents Sealed with our Seals Dated the Eleventh day of March in the year of our Lord 1734.

The Condition of this obligation is Such That if the above bounden George Braithwaite and Thomas Rawlinson, Their Executors, Administrators or any of them do well and honestly educate maintain and bring up Reginald Strickland, Margaret Strickland and Elizabeth Strickland the natural and lawful Children of Reginald Strickland late of Ruzland in Furness Fell – with sufficient Meat Drink Clothing apparel and Lodging agreable to Their State and Condition during their minority and do make a true and perfect Inventory of all and Singular the Goods, Cattles and Chattles belonging the said Children and the same so made do exhibit into the Registry of the Archdeaconry of Richmond kept at Lancaster when They shall be thereunto lawfully called, and do also well and truly content satisfy and pay or cause to be paid unto the Said Reginald, Margaret and Elizabeth Strickland — all such filial Child Portions, as Shall be due to them by the Will – – of Reginald Strickland Late of Ruzland aforesaid – Deceased, or otherwise when They Shall attain twenty one Years of Age, be marryed, or otherwise lawfully demand the Same, That then this obligation to be void or also in Force.

Sealed and Delivered                Geo: Braithw.te

In the presence of                                  [Seal]

Ja: Thompson                               Tho Rawlinson

W: Cowperthwaite                                 [Seal]


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