Transcript of the will of Reginald Strickland

Also see previous post for a tuition bond here.  There are documents attached to the will which gives Reginald’s wife, Beatrice, control over the children’s affairs, and an inventory.

I have split this up into paragraphs for easier reading.  Otherwise, the spellings and grammar remain as per the original.

In the Name of God Amen.  I Reginald Strickland of Rusland in Furness Fells in the County of Lancaster Yeom. being Indisposed in body but of sound & pfect mind & memory do make this my last Will in manner Following,

I Comit my Body to the Earth to be decently buried by my Exect. hereafter named & my Soul into the Hand of Almighty God hopeing through the merits & passion of my only Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ to Obtain full remission of all my Sins & a Joyfull Resureccon.  And as for my Worldly Estate I Dispose of as followeth –

First it is my mind & Will That if it Shall please Almighty God my Wife Beatrice be safely [crossed out] delivered of a man Child or if the Child that she is now pregnant with be a son & live till he be Twenty One years of Age or Marry, That then he Shall have all my Real Estate att Rusland or elsewhere in Furnessfells Houses Woods & lands with theire Appurtennes (except only what I Order hereafter to be Sold)& that He Shall pay unto my Two Daughters Elizabeth & Margaret to each full sums of One hundred pounds a peice out of my S.d Reall Estate as soon as he enters into possession of the S.d Estate,

And if it Shall please God that he dy before he Attains the S.d Age of Twenty One or Marry Then I Give and Bequeath All my S.d Real Estate unto my S.d two Daughters equally between them & to theire heires & Assignes for ever, And if in Case the Child that my Wife Beatrice is now pregnant with prove a Daughter & live & not a man Child, in Such Case I Give & Bequeath All my S.d Real Estate equally Among my daughters and if any of my said Daughters Dy before they Shall Attaine the Age of Twenty one or Marry That the heir or theire Share of the S.d Reall Estate, Shall fall or go to the Survivors or Survivor of my Said Daughters,

And as for my personall Estate I do hereby Order all my Goods Quick & dead to be Sold in an open Sale & also all my wood if there be Occasion to pay of my debts And Also I Order y.e parrock lieing at Haverthwaite yeat to be Sold, & when all my Goods & ye. Sd. parrock &  my sd. Wood are all sold & my Debts Segarye & funerall expenses are discharged Out of ye. Same if anything remains I Give it all equally Among my Daughters Excepting the Segarye of Ten Shillings a peice that I hereby Give to All the Children of my two Sisters Emas Wilson & Deborah Wells.

Itm is my mind that severall of the Oake trees or timber that is fallen already on my S.d Estate Shall be reserved towards mending the Out houses & making them tennantable – Itm It is my mind & Will And I do hereby nominate & Appoint my trully & Well Beloved friends & Relations Thomas Rawlinson of Haverthwte. Joseph and Timothy Strickland Myles Drinkall & Geo: Braithwaite to be my Trustees to see to the performance of this my last Will to see that sales be made & the money Imployed attending as is herein expressed according to true meaneing hereof

& I doe hereby Give unto them Tho: Rawlinso. Joseph Strickland Timothy Strickland my Kinsmen Myles Drinkhall & Geo: Braithwaite the whole Tuition & Charge of all my Children desireing E(?)arnestly Carefully to look to theire Education that they may be brought up in the feare of God, & may be mentained Out of the meane profits of my Sd. Estate dureing their minority & if anything shall spare from theire mentainance to go forward wth. them towards theire persons desireing them to look to sell my Estate & Order All to the best Advantage to utmost of theire power & I do hereby Give to Each of my Sd. Trustees Five shillings a peice, Executor of this my last Will I nominate my Beloved Wife Beatrice, & I do hereby Dis Annull all former Wills & Ordain this to be my last Will.

In Witnesse whereof I have hereunto sett my hand & Seale The Thirty First day of January Ano Domini 1719

Sealed Signed published & declared

Reginald Strickland  [Signed]


in the presence & att the request of the testatr.

Robert Strickland

John Willson

John Willon

Thomas Strickland




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