Transcript of the will of Betty Mousedale

Windleshaw Chantry
Windleshaw Chantry

Betty (or Elizabeth as she was born) is one of my 5 times great grandparents, the daughter of John Middlehurst and Mary Ollershaw, born in about 1770.  She was married to John Mousedale/Mosdel/Mousdell in 1789 at Prescot parish church, Lancashire, the family were Catholic.  Their son, James, baptised on the 24th June 1792 at St. Mary, Blackbrook is my line.

Betty died in the March of 1832, buried at Windleshaw Chantry in St. Helens, and the will was proved on the 2nd April 1832.

This is the last will and testament of I Betty Mousedale of Saint Helens in the county of Lancaster Widow, which I do make and publish as follows that is to say.    I order and direct all my just debts funeral expenses and probate charges to be in the first place paid by my executors hereinafter named out of my property – and subject thereto I do give and bequeath unto my daughter Elizabeth one feather bed, one bolster, two pillows, four blankets, two quilts and all my linen (except three pairs of sheets)

I also give and bequeath unto my said daughter Elizabeth all my wearing apparel and one silver table spoon, six silver tea spoons and one pair of silver sugar tongs.  I also give and bequeath unto each of my three sons John James and Thomas one silver table spoonand one pair of sheets.  Also I give unto each of my my said sons and their respective wives and unto my said daughter and any husband she may have at my decease one suit of mourning for my funeral and all the rest residue and remainder of my personal estate and effects whatsoever and of what nature or kind soever the same may be or consist of at the time of my decease.

I hereby give and bequeath the same unto my said four children in equal shares and proportions for their own absolute use and benefit nevertheless I direct that a valuation shall in the firsty place be made by my executrors of all the residue of my household goods and furniture not herein before specificallydisposed of and after such valuation shall have been so made that my said daughter Elizabeth shall and may have and take to her own use such part or parts thereof as she shall think fitat the price and prices mentioned in such valuation in which case I direct that the amount of the goods which shall be so taken by my said daughter at a valuation shall form part of the residue of my estate and effects and be applied accordingly providedalways and I do hereby order and declare that all the money which any of my said sons and daughter have already respectively had and received from me by way of advancement (the particulars of which will appear in writing in some book or writing in my dwellinghouse at my decease) shall be brought by them my said children  so having received the same as aforesaid into hotchpot before he she or they shall be entitled to  have or receive from my said trustees any part or share of my estate and effects or otherwiseand that the sum or same of money which he she or they shall have had and received shall be deemed and considered as part of the original share or shares of him her or them who have so received the same it being my intention that the shares of all my said children of and in all and singular my personal estate and effects shall be as equal to and near the value of each other as circumstances will admit of.

And I do hereby declare that my said executors or either of them their or either of their heirs executors or administrators shall nor be charged or chargeable with or answerable or accountable for anymore or other monies or effects that what shall actually come to their respective hands by virture hereofnoe shall they or either of them be charged or chargeable with or answerable or accountable for the receipts acts deeds payments neglects or defaults of the others of them nor with or for any loss or losses that shall or may happen of the said trust effects or any part thereof except the same shall happen through their wilful neglect or default and also that it shall and may be lawful to and for my said executors respectively and their respective heirs executors or administrators to deduct and retain out of the monies which shall come to their respective hands by virture of this my last will all such costs expenses and charges as they shall respectively pay bear expend or be put into in or about the execution of this my will or of the trusts herein contained or in anywise relating to or concerning the same and lastly hereby revoking all former wills by me heretofore made.

I publish and declare this to be my only true and last will and testament and thereof do nominate constitute and appoint Robert Dugdale of Windle in the said county gentleman and William Henry Lynass of Saint Helens aforesaid surgeon to be executors.  In witness whereof I the said testatrix have hereunto set my hand and seal the eighteenth day of March one thousand eight hundred and twenty four.

Betty Mousedale X her Mark and Seal


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