St. Helens

The place where my ancestral lines converge, where I was brought up.

I thought it might be an idea to make posts every now and again about places in the family tree, so, this is the first one – St. Helens, Lancashire, England.  I might occasionally update, and edit these posts.

Commonly thought of now as being in Merseyside, due to 1974 local authority reorganisation, however, there was no reorganisation of the historical counties, only to government administrative areas.  Something the government has acknowledged.

Thomas and Abigail Pointon (nee Stockton) travelled to St Helens from Wrinehill, Staffordshire with their family in about 1902.  Thomas was a coal miner, and there were certainly plenty of coal mines in the St. Helens area.  The Pointons settled in the Sutton area of St. Helens, living at Francis Street and Boscow Crescent.

My great great grandfather, Francis Bibby, and his wife Ellen (nee Cundliffe) lived in Tickle Street, Parr.

Elizabeth Harrison (my great grandmother) was living in Sandon Street, Sutton in the 1911 census with her parents, Frederick (born in Peter Street, off Boundary Road) and Theresa (nee Travis/Traverse) (born in Baxters Lane, Sutton)

Mum’s birth father was registered living at the miner’s hostel in Mill Lane, Sutton in 1951.

The Ormrod family, who became mum’s adopted family, lived in the Mersey Street area of Parr.

St Helens is probably a bigger place than some may think.  There are roughly 175,000 people who live in the area.

However, it is in relatively recent times that St. Helens became a town in its own right.  If you have ancestors from St. Helens, you’ll probably have noticed either”Eccleston in Prescot”, “Sutton”, “Parr”, “Rainford” or “Windle” as the place listed on the 1881 census.

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