An alternative great grandfather theory

Following on from yesterday’s post

When my great great grandmother, Eleanor Isabella Chapman (a widow aged 57) remarried in 1935 to a David Oswald (aged 21)  in Edinburgh, there was a witness called Elizabeth Lewis.

I’m thinking Elizabeth Lewis was possibly someone who Eleanor knew, rather than a friend of David’s.  And so, I took that thought, and decided to do a search of the Scottish 1911 census to see if I could find an Elizabeth Lewis, possibly the same generation as Eleanor, in the Edinburgh area.

There is one I feel could be a possible, Elizabeth Lewis, wife of James, born in about 1864  in Lanarkshire.  I found their marriage, her maiden name was Caldwell, and her parents were William Caldwell and Christina Anderson.  James Lewis’s parents were James Lewis and Jane Reid.

James and Elizabeth Lewis were living with 2 sons in Edinburgh in 1911, James (aged 22) and William (aged 8)

William married in December 1924 in Edinburgh, while I couldn’t find a marriage for the right James, born in about 1889.

Jane Reid’s name is interesting, as the Reid surname crops up in relation to David Oswald as well, 2nd husband of Eleanor Isabella.  David’s mum was called Janet Reid Ritchie Masterton, born in 1874 in Lanarkshire to Robert and Ann (nee Hill)

I have searched the matches I have on Ancestry DNA, and there are a few who have Andersons in their trees.

The case continues……

If you’ve heard of any of these people, especially Frances Eleanor Chapman, and have any stories, or photos that you’d be willing to share, then please do get in touch by clicking here.


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