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I hope that you’ll find this website, and blog, interesting, and informative.

The “Our Ancestors” family tree is constantly changing and growing, with research being carried out fairly regularly into several branches of the tree.

As with all family trees, this one has its fair share of mystery.  There are some questions surrounding my grandmother and her father

Lots of my ancestors come from the historic county of Lancashire, England, on both my parents sides.

Map of Lancashire
The historic county of Lancashire

Some of the surnames in the family tree from the Lancashire area include Bibby, Cockshead/Coxhead, Wilson, Nelson, Holt, Dobson, Harrison (Although the earliest Harrison in my direct line that I have is from Almondbury in Yorkshire), Woodhouse, Glover, Sefton/Sephton, Pim/Pimm/Pym/Pymm (Who may have originated in Somerset), Bradshaw, Barrow, Hill, Tither/Tether, Parr, Wright, Mosdel/Mousdell/Mosdale/Mousdale, Burrows, Holme/Holmes, Travis/Travers(e), Sherratt/Sharratt, Critchley, Chapman (originally from Bedfordshire), Whittle, French/Francis, Strickland, Cun(d)liff (e) and Boond.


However, there are several other areas where my ancestors come from:

On my mum’s paternal line, we have ancestors from Cornwall.  Some of the surnames in the family tree from there include Maddern, Thomas, Dungey, Eddy, Trembath, Hocking, Grenfell, Boase/Boose, Wallish, Hocken/Hockin, Hicks, Woolcock, Richards, Mann, Oliver and Guy.

My family name is Pointon, which comes from Staffordshire.  The earliest people I have on this line are Ranalphus Poynton who married Jane Meare at Norton in the Moors in 1593.  Their son, Ranalphus and his wife Joyce had 5 children;  John, Jane, William, Meare and Ellin.  I believe that i’m descended from John who married Frances Rosse at Wolstanton in 1666.

Several of the branches have been confirmed via DNA testing and comparing family trees, however, there are some which as yet haven’t been.